Tiny, minimalist micro tattoos have been all the rage this past year. But lately, one particular place has become the go-to spot to get small-scale ink. From Kylie Jenner鈥檚 itsy bitsy white dot tat to Ireland and Hailey Baldwin鈥檚 cursive last name, minimalist finger tattoos have taken over as the tat craze of the moment. Thinking about taking the plunge yourself? We鈥檙e sharing 15 gorgeously minimal finger tattoos that are both delicate and totally badass.


1. We Have Liftoff: Race you to the moon! This double finger tat is quirky, fun and final frontier ready. (via @mayahstone)


2. Snip Snip: Whether you鈥檙e a hair dresser, a fashion designer or just a scissor enthusiast, this heart-filled tattoo will definitely let people know you love what you do. (via @fullmoontattoo)


3. Insta Bunny: This easy-to-manage ink lets you turn into a cute bunny every time you please. Which is probably always, if we鈥檙e being honest. (via @taylor_russell.tattoo)


4. The Planets Have Aligned: The worlds are at your fingertips! This four finger tat uses minimal lines for a clean and cute doodle aesthetic. (via @thehipstertattoo)


5. Dino Pals: If you and your besties are thinking about getting inked together, check out this homage to the true OG squad. With similar but different designs, it鈥檚 a minimalist way to say 鈥淚 would dino for you.鈥 (via @__drop_acid_not_bombs__)


6. Heart You: Take the classic heart outline up a notch with a beautifully bold color and a daring placement. (via @tayl.eika)


7. Swedish Smile: 鈥淪mile鈥 in Swedish, 鈥渓augh鈥 in Norwegian and 鈥渉appiness鈥 in Mandarin 鈥 this tiny tat can mean just about anything you want it to. (via @chelseyej)


8. Upwards: Adorn your ring finger with a double arrow to remind yourself to keep looking up. (via @mamacrame.art)


9. Cherry Bomb: Retro, radiant and totally rad, this ring finger ink is perfect for the gal who was obviously born in the wrong era. (via @geneveartist)


10. Bye-Bye Balloon: Although this particular tattoo was inspired by the owner鈥檚 first words, a line-drawn balloon can have just about a bazillion meanings 鈥 plus its reverse placement makes it a special treat just for you. (via @stiichn)


11. Linear Love: This minimalist-to-the-max ink is absolutely stunning with two hand-poked lines that form a geometric masterpiece. (via @meester_prikkebeen)


12. White Arrow: White ink and thin strokes makes this popular tattoo perfect for the minimalist seeker. (via @girlinluvwiththeworld)


13. Cuticle Shapes: Geo-fy your cuticles with this awesome complement to any manicure. (via @nellysimpson)


14. Blue Bows: Beautiful color and a daring outline combine to make this a breathtaking pinky work of art. (via @dead2rightstattoo)


15. Sun and Moon: Looking for something to capture both sides of your personality? These minimalist sun and moon icons are elegantly simple and will definitely stand the test of time. (via @pontotattoo)

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