Tiny is officially the new big. Need proof? See the rise of studio apartment-sized furniture, palm-sized handbags, and of course, mini brunch. Maybe that’s why we can’t help but obsess over dainty little hand and finger tattoos right now. They make a major statement with minimal ink and clever placement. From the tried-and-true kitten whiskers to trendier jewelry-inspired ink, these small tattoo ideas have us ready to commit to a lifetime of chic.

1. Minimalist Cloud: We can’t even. This minimalist cloud is more than just a helpful reminder to stop and daydream every once in a while.

2. Abstract Ruler: This reimagined ruler is perfect for mathletes at heart. We’re loving this unexpected and subtle placement too.

3. Palm Beach: The leaf detail on this beachy palm tree is incredible. We love that every time you look down at it, you feel instantly relaxed and ready for a mojito.

4. Flirty Lashes: We spy with our little eyes the cutest little lash tatt ever.

5. Monograms: Initial tattoos may be a pretty traditional pick, but the placement and serif font of this option feels totally fresh and new.

6. Cosmic Tatt: Space obsessed? This trio of tats, with the hand-drawn feel and the subtle placement, is for you.

7. Kitty Cat: Calling all cat ladies! This body art is whimsical, cheeky, and always ready for a photo opp.

8. Queen Bee: Are you a proud member of the Beyhive? If so, this Beyonce-inspired ink will score you extra credit with the queen herself.

9. Emoji Text: This coy little emoticon-inspired phrase practically screams “millennial” to us. Plus, it proves that you don’t need to take your ink too seriously.

10. Itty Bitty Heart: This oversized heart with a super thin and minimal design is trés chic. Bonus points for the placement on the thumb, which is a nice switch-up from the ever-popular index finger tattoo.

11. Dotted Detail: Looking for something with a little more impact? This beautiful design makes a sweet statement and channels the look of boho jewelry.

12. Wee Birds: This sweet little duo of swallows is so beautiful. Imagine it alongside some beautiful stacking rings on the other fingers — SWOON!

13. Heart This: If you’re looking for the teeniest, tiniest little tat, you’ll love this dainty heart. It’s so subtle, how could you resist?

14. Stacking Rings: Equal parts tough and timeless, this set of bands is undeniably cool. Paired with midi rings or on its own — we’re feelin’ it.

15. Simple Symbols: When in doubt, go for classic symbols that will stand the test of time. We’re particularly fond of the lotus flower.

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