Freshen Up Your Bathroom in 2017 With This Mixed Tile Trend

Mixed tiles are popping up in rooms far and wide, and they just might be what your 2017 space needs. Pattern lovers will fall head over heels for the limitless possibilities that come from mixing colors, textures and styles. And minimalists will breathe a big ol’ sigh of relief at just how little decor is needed once complementary tile comes into play. That said, whether you’re a “less is more” decorator or a “give me all the decorkind of person, this style will instantly add more depth, layers and intrigue to your aesthetic. Don’t believe us? Behold the inspiration below!

1. Subway + Patterned: Subway tiles are an invitation to play with different colors and patterns because there’s very little that won’t complement them. And this rich blue pattern demonstrates just how bold you can be without overwhelming your space.

Mosaic Wall Mural

Murals don’t need to be all paint all the time. A mosaic wall mural like this one is all kinds of visually compelling. (via Domino)

Tile Play

If you err on the side of conservative, that doesn’t mean you can’t get down on this trend. Simply mixing and matching shapes of the same white tile can completely transform the look of a room while maintaining a minimalist vibe. (via INT2 Architecture)

Patterned Recess

For a bit of sophisticated subtlety, look to any recesses you might have. Integrating a different tile into them will instantly add depth to your design. (via Dayka Robinson Design)

Black + White

Incorporating the colors of black and white will afford you a little more pattern flexibility. This pattern might appear overly crowded in a different color, but it looks every bit of chic in this classic color combo. (via Erin Williamson Design)

Base Color Play

White subway tile is great, but gray might be even better. Gray acts as the base color in this bathroom to keep the aesthetic soft and warm, while the muted blue pattern provides texture to the overall look. (via Chic Deco)

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