If it isn鈥檛 obvious by now鈥 we LOVE pattern. On our nails, in our food, on our feet, we just can鈥檛 get enough of it. However, finding a fun new pattern to put in your home can be tricky. Will it go with the rug? Will it clash with other prints? Never fear 鈥 we鈥檝e come to put your pattern overload anxiety at ease. Get ready to add those stripes, spots and chevron to your decor, because we鈥檝e collected 11 places to incorporate pattern into your home and stay on the classy side of things.

1. Throw Pillows: Throw pillows are a super easy and affordable way to add various patterns to your decor. Mixin鈥 and matchin鈥 them is just half the fun 鈥 when you rest your head on these bold, bright pillows it鈥檚 sure to inspire some creativity (and relaxation). (via At Home In Love)

2. Shower Curtain: Whether you have a large bathroom or a small one, find a boldly patterned shower curtain to add flair to the space. (via BHG)

3. Dining Room Rug: Tablecloths can be more hassle than style, so let鈥檚 take this party down low and put a patterned rug under the table. (via My Paradissi)

4. Hallway Pattern: Hallways are often overlooked and can be hard places to decorate. Show yours some love by livening it up with a patterned wallpaper. (via Cuckoo 4 Design)

5. Bright Bedspread: All cheery bedrooms have one thing in common 鈥 a brightly patterned bedspread. (via Design Sponge)

6. Patterned Stairs: If you have wooden stairs in your home, one, we鈥檙e jealous, and two, give them a makeover with strips of different patterned wallpapers. (via Lark and Linen)

7. Patterned Curtains: Whether you buy or DIY your curtains, patterns can be a great idea when you have a monotone color scheme. (via The Hunted Interior)

8. Backsplash: One word: backsplash. These mosaic-style tiles are perfect for bringing the pattern play into your kitchen. (via 1 KinDesign)

9. Headboard: Trade in that plain 鈥榦l headboard for a bit of color and pop. You can DIY it up with paint or stencils, or just slap on some wallpaper. (via Sketchy Styles)

10. On the Floor: Tile it, paint it, steal it鈥 oh what we would give to have a floor like this. (via Ampersand Design Studio)

11. Fridge Fun: Yes, you can in fact wallpaper your fridge. Just make sure it鈥檚 removable if you鈥檙e renting. (via Aunt Peaches)

What is your favorite place to put pattern in your home? Share with us below!