When it comes to mochi, either you’ve seen it on the menu at your favorite Japanese restaurant and never had the courage to try it, or you’re already obsessed and crave it daily. Either way, it’s high time you learned to make it at home. If you’re not familiar, mochi is a Japanese rice cake that’s made from short grain rice. The most popular preparation here in the states is mochi ice cream, which is a ball of ice cream surrounded by mochi. Spice up your bento box with these 16 recipes, from waffles and popsicles to donuts and brownies.

chickie mochi 2

1. Lemon Mochi Chicks: How CUTE are these little lemon mochi chicks? If you can actually take a bite out of one, good on you, because they’re just too adorable. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


2. Hawaiian Butter Mochi: This Hawaiian-style mochi has a buttery texture and a light coconut flavor. All you have to do is whisk everything together and let it bake for an hour for a light, sweet treat. (via Contemplating Sweets)


3. Double Chocolate Mochi Waffles: When you get tired of your usual gluten-free flours, give sweet rice flour a try. You can turn basically any baked good into a mochi variation, including these indulgent chocolate waffles. (via Wife Mama Foodie)

cookie dough

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mochi: If you’re intimidated at all by making mochi, don’t be. This recipe is a great place to start, and there’s even a video available to help you out. (via Tastemade)


5. Pumpkin Mochi: If you’re a fan of pumpkin, you will flip for this chewy mochi. It’s got a subtle pumpkin flavor with all of the spice you’d expect and a texture that you’ll *definitely* prefer to pie. (via Contemplating Sweets)


6. Froyo Mochi Ice Pops: If you always top your froyo with mochi pieces when you go into the shop, these DIY pops are going to be your go-to snack. You just need three ingredients and some patience while they freeze. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


7. Hojicha Mochi Truffles: Give store-bought chocolate truffles a new life by enrobing them in Hojicha mochi. You’ll look forward to enjoying a few with a hot cup of tea after working all day long. (via Thirsty for Tea)


8. Mochi Pancakes: This basic pancake mix is on track to be your new favorite. Whip up a big batch of the dry ingredients so you can have them in a flash whenever you get the craving. (via Sprinkle With Salt)


9. Matcha Mochi Yogurt Pops: There’s nothing better than a dessert that gives you a kick of energy AND nutritional benefits. Keep these in the freezer for a hot day, and you’ll be so thankful you did. (via My Name Is Yeh)


10. Mini Mochi Donuts: Did you hear that if your donut is mini and made with mochi, it doesn’t count? Now that we have that out of the way, let the scarfing commence. (via Thirsty for Tea)


11. Mochi Brownie: From the outside, these brownies look like your standard boxed variety. Little did you know, once you take a bite, you’ll find surprise dollops of chewy mochi speckled throughout. (via Lady and Pups)


12. Mochi Ice Cream: When you look in the freezer aisle of Trader Joe’s, this is the type of mochi you’re likely to find. It might be tempting to pick ’em up every time, but give these a whirl for a fun afternoon project. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)


13. Persimmon Mochi: Mochi isn’t just for wrapping around ice cream. You can use the same method for fresh fruits, like persimmon. Roll the finished product in coconut for a tropical fruity dessert. (via Thirsty for Tea)


14. Strawberry Lemonade Mochi: These pillowy balls of sweet and tangy goodness are the best of two Japanese and American classics. Combine lemon and strawberry Jell-O with mochiko flour to create the chewy bites. (via Tastemade)


15. Sugar-Free Coconut Mango Mochi: If you want to present your kiddos with a healthy treat they’ll love and that won’t leave them bouncing off the walls, then sugar-free mochi is the key. Master this method and you’ll come up with your own fruit combos in no time. (via Light Orange Bean)


16. Warabi Mochi: You may have to take a trip to a Japanese market or order on Amazon Prime to make this version, but it’s SO worth it. The texture is like jelly and the taste is delicate, so you can play with adding your own flavors. (via Just One Cookbook)

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