With summer in full swing, body positivity is as needed and relevant as ever, and we’ve got you covered. From body positive books to read this summer to anti-bikini body videos, now’s the time to squash any kind of body shaming before it makes you sick. And now, international plus-size model Denise Bidot is getting in on the movement. She created the There is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman campaign, and it’s seriously inspiring, you guys.

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The 30-year-old model has been an advocate for body positivity for years, starring in campaigns like the “Beach Body. Not Sorry.” un-retouched video released by swimsuitsforall. “The slogan I created years ago has grown into a movement, and like any movement, it needs a home,” Denise says on the campaign’s website. “While the world around us may try to force us into specific categories in order to measure up to a certain definition of beauty, I say I’m in a category all my own.”


Denise explains as she introduces readers to the seriously strong women of the “Class of 2016”: “My movement is all about inspiring others to love themselves exactly as they are because our differences are what make us perfect. If we are sincerely ourselves without apology, there’s no way we can go wrong.”

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There are “No Wrong Way to Be a Woman” featured photos and stories from women of all shapes, abilities, races, ages and backgrounds, proving that there REALLY is NO wrong way to be a woman. The campaign spotlights women like 21-year-old Donielle, who says on the website that “Being a woman means, ‘duality’ to me. Because I have the ability to be more than one thing at a time. I can be sexy and smart, or funny with a serious side to me. There are no restrictions.” Amen!

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Another woman in the Class of 2016 is 36-year-old Jennifer, who’s defied a ton of presumptions in her life so far. “I’m most proud of proving the doctors that told my parents I wouldn’t live past two or have use of my arms or legs WRONG. From day one, I’ve had limitations put on me by others, and every single day I squash their limitations like a champ. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve reached goals in my life — and all while sitting in my wheelchair,” she says on the website. So inspiring.

If you’d like to get in on the action, follow the campaign or send out your own body positive messages using the hashtag #NoWrongWay.

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(Photos via There is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman)