There’s something about a jean jacket that just makes you want to add, embellish, and trick it the heck out. And even though these teenage instincts take over (have you seen our latest high-top makeover?), there are ways to amp up your denim so that it looks super chic all while maintaining that cool, customized vibe. Our new fave way? Using flat-back studs to create color block monograms, three different ways.

We kept it classic with an initial monogram (K for Kate—that’s me!), but then mixed it up with modern symbols like an ampersand (you know, this: &) and an at-sign as a shout out to our social media obsession. Oh, and we did it all on white denim—mint green and metallic gold studs look so dreamy on the back of that thing!

 white jean jackets
– printed stencil templates on cardstock (we printed a K, & and @)

– round, flat-back studs

– mint and metallic gold spray paint


– X-Acto knife

– cutting mat

– pencil

– hot glue gun + glue


1. Spray paint a portion or all of your flat back studs. Let them dry.

2. Using an X-Acto knife, trace your letter or symbol and remove from the cardstock it to create your stencil.

3. Center the stencil on the back panel of your jean jacket and lightly trace it in pencil.

4. Gather your studs and outline your letter to settle on a color block pattern.

5. Glue on your studs—start with your outline first, then fill in the center.

6. Toss on your new fave spring jacket.

First, spray paint your studs! Ours came in a gunmetal finish, which can look super edgy (or kind of blah) all together. So we divided our stash and spray painted a third metallic gold, a third matte mint, and kept a third as-is. It’s an unbeatable color trio, if you ask us, AND perfect for spring. Let them dry completely before you put them anywhere near your white denim.

Next cut out your letter or symbol with an X-Acto knife and keep the cardstock as your stencil. Lightly trace the shape onto the back of your white jean jacket with a pencil (if you decide to go with a classic blue jacket, you can use chalk here instead).

Before you get the glue involved, outline your letter or symbol with the studs. This way, you can play around with thickness (do I want this 2 or 3 studs wide?) and how you’ll portion out your color blocks. Dig that killer K!

Now glue on your studs. It’s easier to add a tiny dollop straight on the jacket and move onto the next in a brisk, linear motion, meaning don’t try to sever that little string that sticks from the bead to the hot glue gun EVERY time. Let the glue strands kind of connect and remove them in a bundle once they’ve dried. Again, glue your outline in place first, then go ahead and fill in your letter or symbol with corresponding colors.

And there you have it—a totally modern way to monogram. We can’t get over this springy color combo, which goes with the vibe of this white jacket (if we used light blue denim, we’d definitely invite red and white studs to the party!) The hot glue hardens super quickly, so you’ll be ready to whip on this bad boy as soon as that last stud is in place.

These jackets are the perfect layer to toss on for this sunny SF weather. Don’t you wish you were here?

Even though we know initials are classic, we’re pretty obsessed with our symbol monograms. The ampersand is super fun, but we’re nerding out hardcore over this “at-sign” jacket. (Are you too? Tell us @brit!)

We definitely had to strike a pose like we were in a cool all-girl band (we come with the jackets, just in case you’re wondering One Direction).

What modern ways have you amped up your jean jackets? Have any other spring coat DIYs you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below.