From a rapping First Lady to more #squadsupport for Taylor Swift, check out six of today鈥檚 top news items below.

1. Is this the Carpool Karaoke to end all Carpool Karaokes?! The teaser video released earlier this week showed The First Lady channeling her inner Beyonc茅, and in the full thing we get to see some seriously impressive rapping skills as Michelle does Missy Elliott鈥檚 classic 鈥淕et Ur Freak On鈥 鈥 with Missy herself. Many a failed IRL karaoke attempts confirm that this is not an easy one to pull off, and Missy says even she was surprised. 鈥淚 know for a fact that it was all over my face like, 鈥榃ait, is she rapping this?鈥,鈥 she tells People. 鈥淏ut that goes to show you just how cool she is. People hold her in such a high regard 鈥 as you should 鈥 but she鈥檚 so down to Earth. I was just sitting in the back like, 鈥業 gotta be dreaming. This ain鈥檛 even real. Is somebody going to wake me up and say, 鈥榊ou overslept.'鈥 Being able to sing along to tunes was a treat for Michelle too: 鈥淚 rarely get to listen to music in the car,鈥 she says to James Corden in the clip. 鈥淚鈥檝e been in a car 鈥 maybe it was months ago 鈥 with my daughter, learning to drive. That was the only time in seven and a half years that I鈥檝e been in the passenger鈥檚 seat listening to music, rocking out like this.鈥

2. Taylor鈥檚 squad member Uzo Aduba has some encouraging words for her friend in the face of Kim Kardashian drama. It鈥檚 been four days since Kim leaked footage of Taylor giving Kanye permission to rap about her in 鈥淔amous,鈥 even if it feels like a lifetime. While some squad members immediately took to social media to defend their friend, others have been quiet. But at a premiere for her new movie Tallulah, Uzo Aduba said Taylor would rise above the drama, telling Vanity Fair, 鈥淪he鈥檚 a beautiful person and strong.鈥 With friends like this, we don鈥檛 doubt it.

3. The RNC has gifted us so many new meme-ories. This week鈥檚 plagiarism scandal from the RNC might have left you feeling like it couldn鈥檛 possibly be topped, but last night鈥檚 appearances contained so much meme gold. From Ted Cruz getting booed after refusing to endorse Donald Trump to a quite questionable wave from Laura Ingraham, even if you were only following along on Twitter, you were entertained/frightened to your very core. But best of all? Trump attempting an awkward half-kiss with VP nominee Mike Pence, a sight you will never unsee. You鈥檙e welcome. (Photo via Alex Wong/Getty)

4. An indie designer is claiming that Zara ripped off her work, and it鈥檚 all so disappointing. We love you, Zara, but this is not a good look. LA-based illustrator Tuesday Bassen has opened up about her ongoing battles with the Spanish retail giant, posting side-by-side photos of her work and Zara鈥檚 offerings, and we gotta say, it looks pretty damning. 鈥淚 had my lawyer contact Zara, and they literally said I have no [case] because I鈥檓 an indie artist and they鈥檙e a major corporation and that not enough people even know about me for it to matter,鈥 Tuesday said in an Instagram post. She said she鈥檚 received messages from several other designers who have also been plagiarized by the company. Tuesday will continue the legal process, even though, as she said, it 鈥渟ucks and it鈥檚 super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine.鈥

5. We have all been this dog getting impatient while waiting in the car. This smart Russian pup couldn鈥檛 wait a minute longer for her owner to return and started blaring the horn with its little paw, even howling along with the sound of the horn. The owner is heard giggling as he returns to the car, surely a little embarrassed, but mostly, we hope, really proud.

I couldn鈥檛 sleep last night. The moon was too bright and my heart was too full of fresh grief at Garry鈥檚 passing. I went outside and sat in the absurd blue-white bath of moon, surprised to see my night shadow, I thought, 鈥淕arry left on a good night.鈥 This morning, I got a text from Heather Matarrazzo saying 鈥淥f course Garry left on a full moon.鈥 If you know Garry, that he went out when there should be darkness and instead there is full, rare, magic light, is too perfect to be coincidence. It鈥檚 so him. Garry was goodness itself. He was generous. He was kind beyond kind. He was thoughtful and sweet and so funny you would pee yourself a little. I met him when I was a child who thought she was a grown-up; he treated me with grace and patience and respect and always, always love. I鈥檓 so happy I made three films with him. I鈥檓 so happy he blessed my son in my belly the last time I saw him (we never think it will be the last time). Before we made the Princess Diaries, he told me 鈥淵ou never know if a movie is going to be a hit or not. The only thing you can control is the memories you make when shooting it. So, let鈥檚 make some good memories.鈥 That advice changed my life even more than the film did. I wish I could say I practice that perfectly, but I can't. Garry loved my rough patches too, and forgave them before I even apologized. He wasn鈥檛 interested in judgement or non-plot related conflict. He just wanted to have fun and laugh and do good work. He was so, so smart and canny, and yet he lived entirely from his heart. That鈥檚 how he made movies too. You don鈥檛 meet a lot of people that kind of courageous nowadays. I couldn鈥檛 see it when he was right in front of me, but I see him so clearly now that he has moved on- Garry was a Hero. Not a run-into-a-burning-building-to-save-a-hampster hero per se, but he looked on the bright side of every situation and was unfailingly warm and loving to everyone he met. How simple. How extraordinary. Garry: for a kid from the Bronx with weak lungs, you did good. I鈥檓 happy to have known you. I can never thank you enough for my life. I鈥檓 going to do my best to be just like you. I love you. Safe travels, my friend.

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6. Quote of the day: 鈥淭his morning, I got a text from Heather Matarazzo saying 鈥極f course Garry left on a full moon.鈥 If you know Garry, that he went out when there should be darkness and instead there is full, rare, magic light, is too perfect to be coincidence.鈥 The Princess Diaries stars pay a beautiful tribute to director Garry Marshall, who passed away earlier this week.

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