Last night, the Internet melted down as Kim Kardashian shared a series of Snapchats proving that Taylor Swift actually did give Kanye West her blessing to include lyrics about her in his song “Famous,” and Taylor quickly, if not entirely convincingly, tried to reiterate her innocence.

A hastily misspelled hashtag #KimExposedTaylorPary took off to trend worldwide immediately, with not only millions of normies like us taking part in the monumental pop culture moment, but celebs too (because duh). All eyes were on Katy Perry who, as you might remember, only last week subtly chimed in on Calvin Harris’ confirmation that Taylor manufactured the feud with Katy all those years ago. Katy’s response to it all? Well, it might surprise you.

“#RISE above it all” Katy tweeted during the thick of it, with a link to buy her new song. Of course, she’s in full promotion mode for her new single “Rise,” taking every opportunity to link to iTunes and RT praise for the single, but we can’t help but think this one is more than just a coincidence. While you might have expected her to relish in Taylor’s undoing in this moment, she seems to be taking a neutral stance, and is maybe even trying to tell both Kim and Taylor that they’re better than all of this.

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(Featured photo via Larry Busacca/Getty)