The Stranger Things kids make us sob and 13 Reasons Why makes things official for season two in this morning鈥檚 top news items. Check those and more out below in Monday鈥檚 Morning Buzz!

1. Stranger Things is the first show to win the Best Show award on the previously named MTV Movie Awards, now of course known as the MTV Movie and TV Awards. When receiving the top honor of the night, Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, thanked the shows creators for treating the young cast 鈥渓ike true collaborators and not just little kids.鈥 SOB. As if the heart-tugging (and adorable!) speech wasn鈥檛 enough, the award was presented by the cast of 13 Reasons Why, making one of the best TV mash-ups of the year.

2. Chrissy Metz shut down body shamers with the biggest virtual eye-roll ever and it was amazing. After her appearance at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in a blood-red latex dress, the This Is Us star must have received some unnecessary remarks about her appearance, because she tweeted the most perfect clap-back reminding haters that they don鈥檛 get a say in how she feels about herself. 鈥淔or the record, I wear what I want, when I want,鈥 she wrote. 鈥淣ewsflash it鈥檚 MY body. #thankstho.鈥 DEAD.

3. 13 Reasons Why has officially been renewed for a second season. Although there have already been some pretty substantial details teased for season two, the hit (and controversial) Netflix show was just officially renewed. The news was announced with a short teaser featuring memorable locations from the first season, like the school, the coffee shop, Baker鈥檚 Drug store, the Crestmont Theatre, and more. No date has been given, but you know we鈥檒l be the first to tell you when there is one.

4. Twitter can鈥檛 decide who鈥檚 hotter: new French president-elect Emmanuel Macron or Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. LOL. Not long after Sunday鈥檚 election projections showed a Macron victory, Twitter was ALL over this one. 鈥淟et the Macron-Trudeau fan fiction begin,鈥 user @jaimewoo tweeted. 鈥淛ustin Trudeau has called Emmanuel Macron to concede in the race for Sexiest G7 Leader,鈥 wrote Business Insider鈥檚 Josh Barro, while the @TrudeauGoogles parody account didn鈥檛 miss a beat with a quick 鈥渋s macron hotter than me.鈥 We鈥檝e got years to figure this one out, y鈥檃ll. (Photo via Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

5.If bonkers Oreos flavors are your thing, why not make your own? The long-awaited Firework Oreos are available in stores TODAY, and with it comes the announcement that you can choose the next flavor. Ellie Kemper came up with mango-coconut, which, WOULD, and you can enter your own idea using the #MyOreoCreation #Contest hashtags. The prize is even sweeter than the cookie: $500,000 and 鈥渦nprecedented fan access to top-secret Oreo creations.鈥 YES PLEASE. (h/t People)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淓mpathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no limits.鈥 Emma Watson gives props to MTV for their genderless award categories at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, where she won for best actor in a movie.

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(Featured photo via Kevork Djansezian/Getty)