Ah, the great outdoors. There’s something so magical about hiking up to the top of a mountain, camping in the wilderness, waking up with the birds in some isolated park and appreciating the beauty of nature around you. Never mind the cold, hard ground and lack of showers or the ability to cook decent food, right? Okay. So maybe camping isn’t for everyone. But even if you’re more of glamping kinda gal, this photo series will make you want to drop everything, grab a backpack and some boots and head out to rough it in the wild.

Russian photographer and camper extraordinaire Oleg Grigoryev is building an awesome travel photography series called Morning Views from the Tent.

Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like. He wakes up in whatever exotic location he hiked to the night before, opens up his tent and snaps a shot.

A closer look reveals the artistry and skill behind the photos. In each, Grigoryev’s tent serves as a framing device, with his legs outstretched towards mountains, lakes and ponds he camps near.

While his gear, pack and occasional guests also play a part in the compositions of the photos, the main stars are the gorgeous, natural landscapes that are often off-limits for those of us who don’t have the stamina to climb over 4,700 meters for a view. What do you think, nature photogs, time to step up your next camping Instagrams, yes? ;)

How much do you love these gorgeous photos? Do they inspire you to hit the trail? Tell us about your favorite camping (or glamping) experiences below.