Hankering for an escape from reality? Maybe work has been relentless or your roommate still hasn鈥檛 learned the concept of cleaning up after herself. It鈥檚 time to get away from it all. Grab your best friend, jump in the car, hit the road, take in the sites, forget all your worries (that means leaving your cell behind!) and breath in the fresh air. It鈥檚 time to go for a hike. And there鈥檚 no better time to explore nature than the summer time. So fill up your Camelbak, fix up a couple PB+Js and hit the road less traveled along one of our favorite hikes across America.

1. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA (14-16 miles roundtrip): This hike takes our breath away, literally. Once you make your way up the 400-foot metal cables, step out onto the 鈥渄iving board,鈥 and look 4,800 feet straight down to the valley floor below. Make sure to sign up early for the permit lottery鈥 then cross your fingers! (via Fine Art America)

2. Manoa Falls,聽Honolulu, HI(1.8 miles roundtrip): We know, we know鈥 tropical vacations are for lounging by the pool and taking sunset cruises, but there鈥檚 more to Hawaii than turquoise beaches and mai tais, namely awesome views and vistas reachable only by foot. (via Hi from HI)

3. South Kaibob and Bright Angel Trails,聽Grand Canyon National Park, AZ(13.6 miles roundtrip): Remember when you went to the Grand Canyon on your family鈥檚 cross-country road trip. Well, this will be nothing like that. Pack your backpack and spend the night at the bottom for a real trip. (via Global Diving)

4. Angle鈥檚 Landing,聽Zion National Park, UT(4.8 miles roundtrip): If just the thought of hiking along a narrow ridge as you look down at the tree tops makes you queasy, this might not be the hike for you. But if you鈥檙e up for strenuous, steep switchbacks, you won鈥檛 be disappointed with the view from the top. (via Kosher Expeditions)

5. Highline Trail,聽Glacier National Park, Big Sky, MT(7.6 miles one way): Look out for billy goats, yes goats, scaling the infamous 鈥渨all.鈥 And make sure to give them their space. We don鈥檛 want this to turn into the latest (wo)man vs goat viral YouTube video. (via Glacier Guides)

6. Gregory Bald Trail,聽Great Smoky Mountains, TN(8.8 miles roundtrip): I鈥檓 pretty sure we can hear Julie Andrews singing, 鈥淭he hills are alive鈥 with the sound of music,鈥 as we walk through the flame azaleas of Gregory Bald Trail. (via The Great Smokies)

7. Castle Trail,聽Badlands, SD(10.8 miles roundtrip): Make sure to note the numbered metal posts marking the trail or you鈥檒l be wishing you left a trail of crumbs a la Hansel and Gretel. It鈥檚 going to be hot, hot, hot so pack extra water, sunscreen and a hat. (via Roadtrippers)

8. Cutler Coast, ME(10-mile loop): Take the road less traveled up the jagged coast of Maine. You won鈥檛 see see another human for miles. If you hear any rustling in the woods, it鈥檚 probably a moose. (via Rob Hanson Photography)

9. Gooseberry Falls State Park,聽Two Harbors, MN(14.6 miles to Beaver Bay): Bring your favorite four-legged furry friend and take a dip in one of the pools after you hike along the three falls. (via Travis Novitsky)

10. Bell Mountain,聽Mark Twain National Forest, MO(12 miles roundtrip): Melissa McCarthy鈥檚 character in Tammy may not know who Mark Twain is, but we know you do. Make sure to hike from north to south and steer clear of the wild pigs. (via The Great Silence)

11. Ten Falls Canyon Trail,聽Salem, OR(10.2 miles roundtrip): If you hadn鈥檛 guessed by the name of this trail, you鈥檒l hike by 10 waterfalls over the course of this day-long trek. Bring a swimsuit and a camera because you can walk behind four of them! (via Travel Portland)

Did we miss your favorite hike? Let us know below!