Shopping for your home is a huge task. That feeling of overwhelming terror you get when you first step into Ikea? That’s how you know that you’re about to be faced with endless options. There are so many styles of home decor out there, but we thought we’d focus on one that’s all cracked up to what it’s supposed to be — mosaic. It adds a bright and colorful point of interest to any room. To prove how one wild piece can make a difference, we have 10 pieces that’ll convince you to tile up your house.

1. Serena and Lily Poppy Mosaic Mirror ($595): This bright, poppy-colored mirror may not seem mosaic at first glance, but each of those faces is a tile! Amazing, no?

2. Gold Glass Mosaic Table Lamp ($99): Adding accent lamps to your bedroom or living room is one of the best ways to incorporate a design element. Just take a look at this shiny gold table lamp!

3. Anthropologie Mirror Mosaic Knob ($24): Jazz up your closet door with this multi-faceted door knob. Your clothes deserve to be stored in something as fabulous as them.

4. Two’s Company Mosaic Frame ($50): This is one of the cutest ways to display your favorite black and white photo. And hey, if you get tired of the picture frame, repurpose it!

5. Mosaic Tray ($50): Trays are such a great way to add design interest to your coffee table. Just add some flowers and a good book on top, and you’re done! (via Justina Blakeney)

6. Anthropologie Mirror Mosaic Hook Rack ($48): Trust the designers at Anthropologie to cover every home detail down to your key rack.

7. Butterfly Mosaic Mirror ($474): It’s okay to be narcissistic sometimes. Especially if the mirrors you’re gazing into are as beautiful as this one.

8. Anthropologie Nanette Knob ($10): Your closet door already got a new knob, so why not update your cabinets? These’ll give your kitchen a fun and eclectic feel.

9. Silver Mosaic Lamp ($28): We’re totally into this unusual form.

10. Anthropologie Mirror Mosaic Hook ($38): Only got one key to hang up? Not a problem.

Which piece of mosaic home decor is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!