For some crafty folk, Ikea provides a blank canvas for creating unique designs that are high on glam and low on cost. Some Ikea hacks involve elaborate plans and power tools, while others only need a trusty can of gold spray paint. Below, the most glamorous Ikea hacks that you absolutely should do for your own abode. Glitter not included but encouraged.

1. Malm Dresser: Interior designer Amanda Carol purchased the Ikea Malm dresser in white, and then added a glass top and stuck a gold spray-painted overlay onto the face of the dresser to create this ode to Hollywood Regency design. (via Amanda Carol Interiors)

2. Svalbo Foyer Table: Possibly the easiest way to glam up an otherwise boring piece of furniture? Dip it! Adding a punch of pink turns this wooden entry table into a pastel focal point. (via The Sweet Beast)

3. Erslev Rug: Add a bit of Moroccan flair by painting a pattern (stencil download available here!) directly onto the rug using fabric paint. (via A Little Bite of Everything)

4. Marius Stool: The Marius stool at Ikea is $5, which makes this one of the cheapest hacks we’ve ever seen. Upholster a makeshift cushion with a Mongolian lamb (or really any fuzzy material) cushion cover and you have one of the most glamorous stools around. (via Preciously Me)

5. Stig Barstool: While we’re on the topic of glamming up stools, look at the difference a single can of gold spray paint can make! “I just unscrewed the seat and back, and went to town. I only had to do one coat and then a few touch-ups,” says DIYer Brenda Bird. (via Brenda Bird Designs)

6. Rast Dresser: It boggles the mind that a Rast dresser was so easily turned into such a good lookalike as famed interior designer Dorothy Draper’s signature Hollywood Regency dresser. Ring pulls, paint and a steady hand is all it took. (via Marcus Design)

7. Galant desk: Another case of a can of gold spray paint going a long way. This time it’s turning a pretty drab office desk into something luxe and posh, just by painting the legs gold. (via Burlap and Lace)

8. Karlstad Sofa: It’s no secret that authentic mid-century modern sofas can cost a pretty penny, so why not hack your own for around $750? Karlstad, the sofa choice for every modestly designed dental office, turns into a mid-century modern gem by swapping out the legs for something more elegant and adding some tufting to the seat and back cushions. (via Our Mid Century)

9. Lack Side Tables: Adding brass corners (they’re about $5 for a set of eight) to the outside corners of Ikea’s Lack drastically ups its appeal. With the endless colors available for the Lack, this hack works for any interior. (via Little Green Notebook)

10. Ung Drill Frame: Ikea is rich with cool frames, but sometimes putting a photo in one isn’t enough. How about finally putting all those saved wine corks to good use? Double points to this DIYer for changing the frame from matte black to glossy canary yellow. (via Suze Geeks Out)

Are you lusting after an Ikea hack or currently have one or more in your home? Let us know in the comments!