From giving an insight into your success to determining how old you are, names can really say a lot about a person. That鈥檚 why there鈥檚 so much pressure on parents when it comes to producing a creative baby name. The latest name-related 鈥渟tudy鈥 is one that reveals how attractive others view you to be 鈥 all on a first-name basis (what?).

attractive names dating

Dating app Happn shared with Independent the names users of the app deem the most attractive (or at least the ones going on the most dates) in New York, Barcelona and Paris and the results offer a few names worth jotting down. In the Big Apple the faves in the dating pool are Michael, Matt, Ben, Jason and Simon; while the top five lady names are Amanda, Nicole, Jessica, Alexandra and Katie. Very all-American, ladies + gents.

dating name attraction

When we get to our European counterparts the attractive name game gets a little more interesting. Men with the name Louis, Adrien, Julien, Vincent or Alexandre and gals given the names Marie, Camille, Sarah, Charlotte or Pauline are going on the most dates in Paris. While the top five groups in Barcelona are Marc, David, Jordi, Albert and Alex for the guys and Laura, Marta, Cristina, Anna and Andrea for the girls. Maybe it鈥檚 time for a little hop across the pond鈥

attractive names dating

Is your name considered to be one of the most attractive in the world? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Bustle)