Ever wonder what your name really means? A quick search could probably tell you its origins, like what language it stems from and what it means. But thanks to some new groundbreaking research reported by Business Insider, a little more digging could also tell you how much your name could affect your lifetime success, from your career to your spending habits.

For example, people with easier-to-pronounce names often move higher up in their workplace, maintaining higher-level positions overall. This doesn’t only work with human names; companies with simple, easily pronounced names tend to do better in the stock market than those with complicated ones.

Other studies show that people with common names are more likely to get hired than people with more obscure names, and people with names that start with earlier letters in the alphabet might get into better schools. Beyond that, you’re more likely to work in a company that shares some of your initials, and if you’re a woman and your name is sexually ambiguous, you could be more likely to succeed.

Check out the entire list of interesting findings over at Business Insider.

Does this affect how you think about your name? What about your kids (or kids-to-be’s)’ names? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!