There鈥檚 no telling just what a mood-booster a brightly colored lip can be. It鈥檚 a serious testament to the power of makeup. It鈥檚 like swipe, blot and bam! You鈥檙e immediately feeling better about your day. My, what a little plum, peach, pink or red can do. Well, London鈥檚 Heathrow Airport knows 鈥 and they鈥檙e here to tell you more about your favorite lip colors.


You might be surprised to hear that LHR is home to the largest range of beauty products in all of Europe. According to their recently released beauty report, they house a over 120 brands and stock a staggering 1,451 different types of lipstick. After compiling their sales data worldwide, they announced the 50 most popular lip shades in every destination to which they fly. So, check out this worldwide list (sorry, Antarctica) and see if your favorite shade made the cut:

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  1. Casablanca 鈥 Pillarbox red
  2. Johannesburg 鈥 Sheer bright pink
  3. Mauritius 鈥 Dark dusky pink
  4. Nairobi 鈥 Burgundy


  1. Abu Dhabi 鈥 Deep plum
  2. Bahrain 鈥 Nude peach
  3. Bangkok 鈥 Pale pink
  4. Beijing 鈥 Peachy nude
  5. Colombo 鈥 Plum
  6. Delhi 鈥 Orangey red
  7. Doha 鈥 Golden fuschia
  8. Dubai 鈥 Rose pink
  9. Hanoi 鈥 Deep mandarin
  10. Hong Kong 鈥 Coral pink
  11. Kuala Lumpur 鈥 Coral pink
  12. Kuwait 鈥 Deep nude
  13. Manila 鈥 Pink red
  14. Muscat 鈥 Sheer plum
  15. Riyadh 鈥 Browny pink
  16. Seoul 鈥 Coral red
  17. Shanghai 鈥 Sheer coral
  18. Singapore 鈥 Orange red


  1. Auckland 鈥 Deep red
  2. Sydney 鈥 Coffee nude


  1. Athens 鈥 Bright fuschia
  2. Barcelona 鈥 Creamy nude
  3. Belfast 鈥 Sheer strawberry pink
  4. Dublin 鈥 Bright orange red
  5. Edinburgh 鈥 Dark nude
  6. Helsinki 鈥 Dark pink
  7. Lagos 鈥 Deep purple plum
  8. Lisbon 鈥 Nude
  9. London 鈥 Caramel nude
  10. Madrid 鈥 Bright red
  11. Milan 鈥 Bright fuschia
  12. Moscow 鈥 Raspberry pink
  13. Paris 鈥 Dusky rose
  14. Rome 鈥 Golden plum
  15. Stockholm 鈥 Dark dusky pink
  16. Vienna 鈥 Dark nude
  17. Zurich 鈥 Dark nude pink


  1. Grand Cayman 鈥 Nude pink
  2. Las Vegas 鈥 Bright coral orange
  3. Mexico City 鈥 Rose pink
  4. Miami 鈥 Pale rose pink
  5. Montreal 鈥 Tea rose
  6. New York 鈥 Classic red
  7. Washington, D.C. 鈥 Pink red


  1. Buenos Aires 鈥 Deep rose pink
  2. S茫o Paulo 鈥 Dusky nude

What鈥檚 your absolute favorite lip color? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via Angela Weiss/Getty and Sonia Recchia/Getty)