Next up on the topic of wanderlust, we’re taking to the mountains! Whether you’re a skier, a hiker, or just someone who loves to take in a gorgeous landscape, we’ve got a whole collection of modern mountain-inspired art just for you.

Here are 10 pieces of art that would fit right at home in a cozy nook in the mountains.

1. Hypercolor Mountain and Lake ($17 and up): You probably don’t think of neon hues when you think of the mountains, but we love this playful geometric take on peaks and valleys.

2. King of the Mountain ($18 and up): In the words of Leo, I’m King of the World! This sort of looks like it was inspired by Playmobil or It’s a Small World, and we like it.

3. Gem Mountain ($18 and up): Now that is a rock! This poppy interpretation of the mountains as a gemstone is totally on trend.

4. Spring Skiing ($18 and up): When you get to ski in the spring, you are basically living the dream. Short sleeves, sunshine, a bluebird day, and the smell of fresh flowers in the air.

5. Glowing Moon Mountain ($18 and up): You know you’ve seen some crazy moonscapes when you’re up in the mountains. This print takes that glowing moment up a notch… or ten.

6. Pink Dot Mountain ($18 and up): And while we’re on the topic of orbs in the middle of mountains, how about this hot pink dot?

7. Geometric Mountain ($18 and up): This geometric mountain looks like it might be a technical, science-related map, but it’s actually just a graphic design-inspired artist’s interpretation of a certain range.

8. Night Skiing ($18 and up): Another moment of mountain magic happens when you take to the slopes at night. There’s a certain sparkle that’s tough to beat.

9. Blue Mountains ($18 and up): We’re always up for a minimalist piece like this. just a few triangles, a butt or two, and the setting sun.

10. Bear Mountain ($18 and up): Finally, bear mountain! Love the pixelated quality of this print.

What are your favorite weekend getaway spots? The mountains? The ocean? The lake? Talk to us in the comments below.