We all love getting our nails did. Kicking back in a plushy chair and having someone else primp your nails is a serious luxury. What’s even better is walking out of the salon knowing your nails are on point thanks to some seriously stylish nail art. From holographic scales to texturized finishes to trendy marble, there is no shortage of fun inspo when it comes to elevating your average mani. Browse through these 50 nail art design ideas before your next salon visit!

1. Colorful matte.

2. Buzzy bugs.

3. Sunny blooms.

4. Black and white branches.

5. Leafy greens.

6. Seeing stars.

7. Pop of white.

8. Fruity slices.

9. Black hearts.

10. Cacti for days.

11. Emoji smiles.

12. Ombre fairy dust.

13. Negative space pastels.

14. Tiny triangles.

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Holographic polish + black striping tape 😍

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15. Holographic and sleek.

16. Heart you.

17. Geode glam.

18. Artsy and chic.

19. Sweet and dainty.

20. Half matte.

21. All marble everything.

22. Holographic sticker swag.

23. Tropical paradise.

24. Unique and colorful.

25. Neutral glitz.

26. Hamsa hand.

27. Opposites attract.

28. Fresh squeezed.

29. Clean outline.

30. Modern classic.

31. Butterfly wings.

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This week feels like a tiny dot week. #simple

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32. Simple dots.

33. Swirly hues.

34. Pop of clean white.

35. Colorful chevron.

36. Black and gold sleekness.

37. Shades of gray.

38. Mixed metals.

39. Trendy dots.

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👁 #manicure #nailart #minimalistnailart

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40. Nude evil eye.

41. Feel the love.

42. Summertime Aztec.

43. Negative space spring vibes.

44. Follow your arrow.

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Pink 🍥💄👛👙🍧🎀💖 #pinkandgold #pinknails

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45. Gold foil details.

46. Texture for days.

47. Edgy holographic accent.

48. Chic negative space.

49. Cherry blossoms.

50. Square and shapely.

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