A couple days ago we introduced you to the most amazing Forever 21 creation – Confetti nail polish! We showed you how to update old accessories with a fresh coat of paint, and, if you remember correctly, we warned you that this wouldn’t be that last DIY you would see with this liquid gold. We ran into these on-point gold squares and knew they would be the perfect bed for a coat of confetti. Buy a bunch and turn them into earrings or necklaces for you and your besties.


 — chain

— four gold decorative squares

— gold ear wires

— Forever 21 Confetti Nail Polish
— gold eye pins


— hot glue gun

— wire cutters

— jewelry pliers



1. Pour nail polish into the four gold squares.

2. Cut five strands of chain that measure 12 inches long each. Fold the chains in half and glue to the back of the square.

3. Glue the other end of the chains to the back side of the square to create a loop on the bottom of the chain.

4. Use the jewelry pliers to attach two eye pins to the ear wire. Glue the other side of the wire to the top of the gold squares.

5. Use the wire cutter to remove excess chain. Cover the back of the square in hot glue and place another nail polished square on top.


We loved this confetti polish so much that we actually bought five bottles so we can DIY with it forever and ever. If you’re not keen on this color combo, the polish comes in other colors too!


Cut five strands of chain that measure 12 inches long. Fold in half and glue to the back left side of the square.


Glue the bottom of the chain to the other half (the right side) of the square. This will create a chain loop fringe at the bottom of your earring. Clip any excess chain that is dangling above the glue line.


Attach your eye pins with pliers. Glue the sides of the pin to the sides of the square. This will create a triangular shape.


Load the hot glue onto the back side of the square, and place another golden square on top.


What you have in the end are picture-frame earrings of pure magic.


With the same supplies, you can totally make a matching pendant necklace. We used embroidery-floss-fringe leftovers from our tassel necklace kit instead of chain, because we’re awesome upcyclers like that.


And there you have it, a perfect set.


Pair these earrings with a bright pink lip and toss your hair in a topknot to really show off the party hanging from your lobes.


If you’re as obsessed with this polish as I am, you’re definitely going to want use it for its true purpose — decorating those digits. It’s just so good!


You and your confetti accessories are officially ready to party.

Have we convinced you to buy this polish yet? Show us what you’ve created using the hashtag #iamcreative. And as always, leave comments and questions below!