Ladies – listen up! We just came across the most AMAZING nail polish in all the land. Wait for it… it’s $2.90 and from Forever 21! This confetti nail polish creates an amazing bead-like texture on pretty much everything. We went nail polish crazy (everyone sure got upset over the smell in the office – whoops!) and gave three new pieces nail polish upgrades. We suggest that you scour around your house to find old shoes, belts, wallets or jewelry that could benefit from a coat of AMAZINGNESS – but if not head to Forever 21 and pick up some basics and give them your own twist!



– faux leather sandals

– wallet

– sunglasses

– liquid gold aka Confetti Nail Polish 


It was hard to choose only three things to polish!


Paint that sh*t on everything!


What makes us fall in love with this nail polish is the color scheme! Tan, black, teal, fuchsia – HELLO!! That will look bomb layered on top of any color!


Have more sandals that need an update? Solution: confetti nail polish. Notice how the nail polish looks different against the gray background – still awesome! We can’t get over the beaded look!


Not only does this nail polish come in amazing color palette, but Forever 21 also carries it in a neon palette – perfect for a summer music festival.


The small nail polish brush is perfect for tiny areas. We recommend layering it on top of old accessories.


Tip for clean lines – use painters or scotch tape!


*Spoiler alert!* – stay tuned for more amazing ways we will use this liquid gold.


Bezeled sandals call for patterned jeans for sure!


All-black is boring. Add some flair through patterns and bold lips!


Anyone else thinking that this is a perfect NYE clutch!? Bookmark it!


Have you run into any amazing nail polishes recently that would work for an accessories makeover? Share them with us in the comments below!