Messy hairdos are having a moment. Styles once resigned to Lazy Girls, like braid-free braids and pillow-kinked waves, are now covetable across the board, making today’s hair standards refreshingly less than perfect. Not to mention the beauty hacker in us is *loving* the fact that most of these styles don’t require tools or much product at all (yes, we’re saying you actually canwake up like this). You can say we’re fully on board with the just-come-undone look and we have a new one to add to your AM repertoire.

Behold: the half top knot (other candidates for names: the JTHT, Just The Half Top). We recently spotted this half-up, half-down hairdo on the web (then spotted it all over the web) that only brings your top tresses into a bun, leaving the rest of your hair to hang. Compared to the traditional top knot — the ultimate bedhead-approved ‘do — this hybrid look appears even more carefree, in part due to the thinned out mane, but also because it more or less looks like you just could not be bothered to pull up all of your locks. For those wearing their #lazygirl badge loud and proud, it’s a must-try style already backed by taste-making stylists including those at Forever 21 (where we first spotted the look), Nasty Galand Kristen Ess, the hair guru responsible for Lauren Conrad’s enviable locks. With them as cheerleaders, it looks like this might be the new way to style your top knot.

If you want to try the ultra casual look, get excited, because it’s super easy for just about any gal. No, really, we checked with our hair guru Misty Spinney, who assured us that you can rock this straight, natural, wavy, super curly or even do this on wet hair. Bottom line is that you do not need to do ANYTHING to prep for this perfectly messy top knot. Here are a few steps to give you this quicky ‘do anytime, anywhere:

1. Starting right above your ears, section out half of your hair to pull up using your finger instead of a comb, so the lines separating the sections are a little unfinished and natural looking.

2. Now, while holding the section of hair on top of your head, pull out a little of your hair around your face on each side, creating a very small, center-parted section of hair that you can tuck behind your ears.

3. With the remaining hair, twist it around to create a messy top knot and either secure with a couple bobby pins or an elastic depending on the thickness of your hair.

Now here is the deal if you want to rock this look to something more than work or running errands, like your holiday party, a date or out dancing with your gurrls:

1. Prep your hair however you normally would. If you have curls, tame them. If your hair is stick straight, add some bend. You can do anything.

2. This time, separate you hair with the edge of a rattail comb for a clean line. Make the section starting on the outside corners of your eyebrows and draw the line all the way back to the back upper section of your head (think of a halo around the crown of your head and bring up the part of your hair that would be on top of it).

3. Twist the hair into a playful knot and secure with bobby pins, an elastic or a pretty holiday party-ready hair accessory.

4. Spritz with some hairspray for a refined look and boom!! Dunzo.

(We’re not gonna lie, painting on a plum lip helps). We’ll certainly give you an A for effort no matter what ;)

Real talk: What are your thoughts on this new top knot? Would you totally rock it with joggers and a biker jacket or are you sticking to the all-up high bun? Who would you have to see wearing it to change your mind? Tell us in the comments below.