You know that moment when you’re out enjoying a five-course meal and you WANT to try dessert but the button on your jeans says otherwise? It’s the worst. If you’ve ever thought that eating naked was the solution to that problem, we’ve got some good news for you. You can now do exactly that at a new restaurant in London.

naked restraunt

The new pop-up restaurant is called Bunyadi and says it wants to offer diners the chance to experience “liberation” by enjoying a meal sans that new top you just bought. In a press release, Bunyadi says, “We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to. The idea is to experience true liberation.”

Here’s how it works: Enter, and you’ll be asked to change from your clothes into a dressing gown. From there you decide whether you want to dine in the clothed section or unclothed section. Whichever you choose, you should note that your waiter will be mostly naked, with only “some covering.”


The new space won’t have electricity, but it’s not exactly one of those pitch-black restaurants either. Instead customers “will dine under a canopy of candle lights.” Additionally, each table will be partitioned with bamboo, so you won’t be eating totally out in the open.

So, here’s the real question: Will anyone actually go to this when it opens in June?! Apparently, yes. So far there are 8,242 people on the waiting list. Let’s just hope they don’t order soup…

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(Photos via The Bunyadi)