There’s nothing worse than an incomplete Jenga set. Okay okay, there are a lot of things that are much worse… but it is definitely a bummer when you go to play a game of Jenga and you’re missing a few pieces. Instead of feeling sad about a useless game, here’s a way to turn it into a coat rack, necklace rack, and accessory rack. All you need is paint, glue, and Jenga!

If you don’t have a Jenga set you’re ready to part with, do like we did and snag this generic Jumbling Tower for $9 on Amazon instead. In some ways, this option is better as you don’t have to deal with the Jenga logo.

 – wood blocks (aka Jenga pieces!)

– acrylic paint

– painter’s tape

– E-6000 Industrial Strength Clear Glue

– foam brush

– wax paper

You can use any color paint you like, or a whole bunch of colors for a color blocked look.

Cover your workspace with wax paper to protect your workspace. Glue will peel off easily, and you can squeeze paint right on the wax paper.

Design a layout. Because all the pieces are the same width, we used 6 pieces as the hooks for our rack.

Use painter’s tape to block off sections you want to paint. Now… paint! Depending on the color you’re using, you might need to paint one more coat.

Let dry for at least an hour (a good time to watch a couple episodes of the new Arrested Development) and peel off tape.

So much blue!

Now it’s time to build your rack. Squeeze a very thin layer of E-6000 glue on the side of your first block and attach to the next one. Continue through your design, pressing firmly and make sure to glue on all sides that connect.

Let the glue dry for at least 5 hours.

In our case, we glued in the morning, went into the office, came back, and hung up the rack!

Which brings us to hanging the rack. You can use extra strength mounting adhesive or go for the more wall-friendly approach and use a whole bunch of nails. Use a pencil to mark where you need to nail into the wall to support the rack. This will make sure you keep everything lined up. Use a hammer to nail nails into the wall.

Here’s how the finished rack looks without any accessories. Almost like a piece of wall art, don’t you think?

Load it up with your favorite necklaces, bangles, and what not.

Accessory clutter never looked so good! ;)

How do you keep your accessories organized? Talk to us in the comments below.