Welcome to the first official day of CES 2016! People from all over the world have flooded into Vegas, and it’s pretty hard to turn around without running into a tech wearable. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is kicking off the conference with a keynote address. The streaming co. has had a seriously killer year in 2015, from announcing that they’re doubling down on original programming to literally making its way into our daily lexicon (Netflix and chill, anyone?), but you’re still not going to believe the number of hours people have spent watching Netflix in 2015.


According to Netflix, people spent 42.5 billion hours watching Netflix this past year, up from 29.1 billion in 2014. HOLY COW. Just to put this all into perspective for you, the average human lifespan is 71 years, which comes out to about 621,960 hours. Divide that by 42.5 billion and people have spent the lifespans of 6833 human beings streaming content in 2015 alone. Admittedly, we all know winter is the best time to stay indoors and binge watch Narcos, so those numbers probably get a serious boost in the thick of winter, but still, DANG. People certainly love their Netflix.


But that’s not all the insane news that Netflix dropped on their audience this morning. There’s also the fact that this is the year Netflix plans on going global, and they’re hoping to be in “nearly every country” by the end of 2016. Also, in true Netflix fashion, they’re dropping a ton of brand new shows, including The Crown, which is “An epic story of Queen Elizabeth set against the collapse of an empire.”

Basically, Netflix is planning on upping their game in 2016, and luckily, we get a front row seat.

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(Photo via Netflix + @CES)