That’s right — no drilling required for these pretty headboards. If you’re renting, in a dorm or just really indecisive, a DIY headboard can quickly and easily fix the “floating bed” issue and instantly give your bedroom a decor makeover. You can try your hand at painting a headboard, sticking on a decal or just hanging a pretty piece of tapestry. Now, let’s turn that blank bed backdrop into a luxurious and cozy space!

1. Wood Fabric Headboard: Get the look of rustic wood without any of the messy, heavy wood part. This is just a wood grain fabric and some craft board but it makes the room look ultra sophisticated. (via Craft Hunter)

2. Wooden Headboard Wall Decal ($98): For the easiest decor addition ever, just peel and stick! The height of this decal ensures that your bed will stop disappearing into the wall and start standing up for itself.

3. Chalkboard Headboard: Alright, so if you’re a renter or living in a dorm, you won’t be able to get away with painting the whole wall into a chalkboard, but if you can score an old-timey freestanding blackboard, you can have a look that can change whenever the creative mood strikes. (via Poppytalk)

4. Magic Mountain Headboard Decal ($30): Missing wide open spaces? You’ll have sweet dreams while you’re sleeping under this forest greenery with this whimsical decal.

5. Fabric Headboard DIY: Make a temporary and significantly cheaper version of the upholstered headboard with a piece of cardboard and some fabric that you love. (via Stars For Streetlights)

6. Electrical Tape: Don’t want to shell out for a kid’s headboard that they’re just going to outgrow in a few years? Let them get creative and make their own headboard out of electrical tape. (via Know and Tell)

7. Sophie Headboard ($40): Turn your lonely bedroom into a mini mansion with this elegant scrolled decal. We love all the bright colors this options comes in, from cobalt blue to neon yellow!

8. Ava Headboard ($40): Try not to connect the dots on this funky headboard. Or do connect the dots. Either way it looks pretty sweet.

9. Mountain Headboard: Have fun painting a masterpiece of a headboard with lots of geometric shapes and patterns. If it’s an issue, painting over a headboard-sized painting is much easier than re-painting the whole room. This headboard adds just the right amount of colors. (via Design Sponge)

10. Geometric Decal ($37): Get all tangled up with this dramatic piece of geometric beauty!

11. Clouds Tapestry ($69): If you’re not loving the decal look, try an even easier faux headboard and just hang a dreamy tapestry behind your bed for some height and color.

12. Color Block: The simplest of all headboard DIYs, just paint a block of color behind the bed. This is a really creative way to introduce some color into the bedroom in a subtle and fun way. (via Alexander Angle)

13. Baroque Headboard Decal ($45): Feminine and elegant, this piece really warms up the space and adds a lot of charm to your bedroom. We love the way the dark headboard looks with lots of white bedding.

14. Washi Tape Outline: If you want a minimalist design, just add a few strips of dark washi tape and then an accent color to keep the headboard from disappearing into the wall. (via Design Sponge)

15. Wrought Iron Decal ($27): Go for a vintage country feel with a faux wrought iron bed! This classic decal comes in 30 different colors so you’re sure to find the perfect shade for your bedroom decor.

What style headboard is your favorite? How do you deal with the temporary decor dilemma? Let us know in the comments below!