We are hard core color lovers here at Brit HQ. From creating epic colorful cakes to scouring the web for the hottest color block style, we are always on the hunt for new and creative ways to color it up. As we celebrate color blocking in all of its forms, we turn to inspiring interiors sure to make any Kate Spade fangirl swoon.

1. Yellow Walls: And they were all, yellow… All Coldplay references aside, yellow is a hard wall color to pull off and this spaces does it perfectly. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Multi-Colored Storage: This is a great way to add a less permanent color block motif to your kitchen. We particularly love how the bright white dishes and objects pop against the neon colors on the right. (via Poppytalk + Wohnidee)

3. Small, Colorful, and Funky: Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you need to go with the all white aesthetic. Define nooks and crannies throughout your apartment with rich, colorful textiles.

4. Happy Office: First of all, any office with a daybed is probably a pretty happy one. We love the color-dipped look of this entire room. (via Pinecone Camp)

5. Shower Curtain: Bring the color block trend into the bathroom! (via Martha Stewart + Walmart)

6. Orange + Green: These are some seriously bold color choices – what do you think of the combo? (via Wohnidee)

7. Color-Blocked Home: Go all out and create a totally different color scheme in every room. This would be an amazing house to use for a photo shoot! (via Design*Sponge)

8. Rainbow Shelves: As we get ready to move into a new office, we’ve got our eyes on lots of interiors that go for the color pop. These shelves are at the top of our list. (via Agent Bauer)

9. Blocked Walls: Now that is an impressive use of painter’s tape ;) (Habitually Chic)

10. Timeless Color: How gorgeous are the angular ceiling details in this old school spot? And the yellow carpet that reflects part of the ceiling? Amazing. (via Dwell)

11. Bright Blue Pops: This clean aesthetic is made way more playful with pops of blue throughout the house – on the walls, on the table, and in the form of a lampshade. (via Jurnal de Design Interior)

12. Textiles: If you can’t paint your walls, go for big, bold textiles to create a more textured color block look. (via Marcus Design)

13. Green Window Scene: Does this remind you of a watermelon, but more modern? (via The Tao of Dana)

14. Citrus Sunshine: Take inspiration from your favorite summery fruits and flavors by going for a palette inspired by citrus and sunshine. (via Buy AZ)

15. Hot Pink Kitchen Floor: Dear Hot Pink Kitchen Floor, We are obsessed with you. Love, Brit + Co. (via The Kitchn)

16. Neon Bedroom: And last, every color under the sun in your bedroom! (via Homedit)

What does your favorite room in your home look like? Have you tried color blocking it up? Talk to us in the comments below.