January is a time for new beginnings, in the house, in the office, and in the gym. Though spring is typically the time for cleaning and organization, we like to think of January as a good time for a rest. For getting a little more rest while the days are still on the short side, and for cozying up when (baby!) it’s cold outside. And the best place to start is the place where you conclude and begin each day, the bedroom! Take your pick of these 40 DIY projects and you’ll be one step closer to a seriously serene (and well-designed) bedroom.

1. Rope Design: To create this sort of abstract look, use different colors of rope to create a custom design. You could also use yarn, embroidery floss, or suede cord. (via Homes)

2. Shutters Headboard: Head to a flea market or antiques fair and stock up on old shutters. If you don’t find colors you like, just paint ’em! (via HGTV)

3. Book Headboard: This is definitely a cool way to display old books. We like the idea of coming up with a hack that makes this more of a functional bookshelf than a book display. (via Design Everyday)

4. Chalkboard Silhouette Headboard: This would be sweet in a little girls’ room, don’t you think? (via HGTV)

5. Landscape Diptych: Dream of running away to the mountains? Hang a diptych of your favorite place right above your bed. (via Dwell)

6. Light Up Headboard: Featured in our typographical decor roundup, this bit of ingenuity caused some serious swooning here at Brit HQ. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Moonlighting: Originally designed for a kids’ room, we think a more minimal take on this could look awesome in a grown up bedroom as well. (via DIY Network)

8. Barn Door Headboard: Live in an area where barn doors run rampant? Or love heading into the country for weekend treasure hunting? Use this as inspiration to create your own barn door headboard. (via Dreamy Whites)

9. Geometric Woodgrain Wall: Got a tiny bedroom where an entire wall acts as your headboard? Create custom wallpaper to induce stylish slumber. (via Vintage Revivals)

10. Chalkboard Walls: Chalkboard paint is definitely a favorite around these parts, and these bedrooms do a great job of combining dark walls with vibrant textiles. (via Poppy Talk)

11. Geometric Painted Pillows: All you need is fabric paint, a few hours, and throw pillows to create your own set of custom pillows. (via Brit + Co.)

12. Stamped Pillows: This tutorial shows you how to create your own stamps and use them for a whole set of accent pillows. Love it. (via 101 Woonideen)

13. Giant Letter Pillows: Forget about bean bags, giant alphabet pillows are the jam. (via Oh Happy Day)

14. Pillow Pets: How amazing are these? Iron-on transfer paper is always for the win, especially when it comes to photos of bunnies. (via Go Make Me)

15. Watercolor-Inspired Throw Pillows: Guess what we used to create this look? Sharpie! (via Brit + Co.)

16. Word Stencil Pillow: Grab a stencil and Sharpie and get wordy with it. Yes. Get wordy with it. (via Wit & Whistle)

17. Shag Pillow: We told you shag is back! You could even use old stretched out t-shirts to recreate this bright cheerful look. (via V and Co.)

18. Glitter Heart Pillow: Glitter in a heart shape. ‘Nuff said. (via High on DIY)

19. Simple Embellishments: Sometimes all you need is a simple little something. Go for felt triangles or grainy painted stripes and a plain old throw pillow becomes your unique creation. (via Creature Comforts)

20. DIY Bedside Lamp: Can you believe this is DIY? It’s a project that was done in three parts, and definitely takes a good amount of dedication. We think the results are worth it though! (via Nimi Design)

21. Japanese Box Lamp: Inspired by traditional Japanese lighting, this box lamp is simple to create and sets a lovely delicate mood. (via Instructables)

22. Concrete Base Desk Lamp: Part of our recent concrete DIY obsession, we’re all over the minimal look of this sturdy lamp. (via Pastill)

23. Drop Cloth Lamp: Love the modern vibe of this drop cloth lamp. (via Lowe’s Creative Ideas)

24. Jute Twinkle Lights: Twinkle, twinkle, little jute! (via Ella Claire Inspired)

25. Golden Lamp: Guess what was used to create the gold base of this lamp? A toilet paper roll covered in gold paper! (via Design and Form)

26. Twisted Rope Rug: Stock up on rope, neon spandex, and hot glue, and this seemingly hand-loomed number can be yours in a jiffy. (via Brit + Co.)

27. Quatrefoil Design Area Rug: Love classic patterns? Us too! (via Momtastic)

28. Crazy Pom Pom Rug: A bunch of colorful pom poms come together beautifully in this bright and festive rug. (via Poppytalk)

29. Metallic Gold Zebra Print Rug: Who knew zebra print and gold could not look like something you bought at Wet Seal in the ’90s? (via Home Depot)

30. Felt Stone Rug: Combine pom pom style with pebble style and make your own felt stone rug. (via Yes I Made That)

31. Friendship Bracelet Chevron Rug: Friendship bracelets… as a rug? +1! (via The House That Lars Built)

32. Crafty Felt Rug: No, this was not made out of hundreds of small felt balls… but it totally could be. This little hack shows you how to turn three little mats into one awesome rug. (via Conversation Pieces)

33. Geometric Starburst Rug: Geometry, paint, and a carpet. Win! (via Almost 40 Year Old Intern)

34. Crocheted Alpaca Rug: Just learned how to crochet but not really feeling the scarf move? Get some chunky wool and create your own version of this cozy alpaca rug. (via Purl Bee)

35. T-Shirt Latch Hook Rug: Repurpose a t-shirt? Don’t mind if we do! (via Xoelle)

36. Rope Swirl: So. Many. Colors! This earthy rug inspired our very own twisted rope rug. We’re loving all the different colors and textures. (via Free People)

37. Copper Tubing Side Table: Metal decor is all the rage, and we’re digging this combination of copper tubing and color blocking. (via The House that Lars Built)

38. Tree Stump Side Tables: You’re gonna need a few extra hours at the gym to make this one happen, since it involved scouring the woods for some spare tree stumps and bringing them back to your house! (via A Beautiful Mess)

39. Blue and Gold: This table looks mid-century modern but guess what? It’s two stools that have been repainted and stacked. Done and done. (via Blessed Life Atop A Cake Stand)

40. Birch Color-Topped Stumps: The textures and patterns found on birch trees are pretty tough to beat. We love the pairing of a bright burst of color right on top of the stump… and what about that wolf pillow? (via Fraulein Klein)

What DIY projects are on your list this winter? Talk to us in the comments below.