Oh, what, you think making new emojis appear on your phone is as easy as a wish, a dream and a system update? We learned today that it’s much more official than that (even if the result is the same: enhanced text messaging). Ahem, hear ye, hear ye, the Unicode Consortium has announced the next version of the Unicode Standard, which is a fancy way of saying, GUYS, we’re about to get new emojis, which is a boring way of saying:

MacRumors reports that version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard will bring with it about 250 new emojis. But this is not the upgrade we’ve been dying for. Or even the more multi-cultural, more diverse (more important) one we have been petitioning for.

The latest (a glimpse above!) are derived from characters you might remember in the prehistoric, pre-texting version of emojis — that’s right, Wingdings and Webdings are making a comeback as the inspiration for the next batch.

Emojipedia has a list of the 250 new emojis, though it appears to be down for now (stay tuned, we’ll be investigating as the news develops ;). From what we’ve read, this version sounds a little, um, more unique than what’s there currently. Look out for a chipmunk, a “man levitating in a business suit” and a “derelict house building” coming to a group text near you. Humph. Eh, we’ll make ‘em work! Just think of all of the songs and movies we’ll be able to translate.

If you could pick one new emoji, what would you add? Share below!