If The Wall Street Journal isn’t a part of your AM reading, you might bookmark them soon after skimming through their latest section devoted entirely to a language we’re all becoming well-versed in. Not Spanish or Arabic… we’re talking emoji.

Once a hub for business and economic news, WSJ is now a little treasure trove of emoji goodness. Don’t worry, this is still real journalism here. You can get the scoop behind the ones that make you say “huh?” with “What’s That Emoji?”

Discover the history and origin of the icons and find the answers to tough questions like, “Why are there two camels in the series?”

Get the facts and visualize emojis by the numbers to see if your most used animals and people match up with the masses.

Then you can Emojify headlines from the day’s stories. Here’s one they start you off with…

Uh, spoiler alert, WSJ. Here’s one that we made:

You can also depict your favorite songs, movies and books in emoji form and share your creations.

In more serious emoji news (yes, news more serious than WSJ taking them seriously!) Apple has finally responded to requests for more diversity in the icons. They acknowledge, that, yup “There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set” and say they’re working closely with the folks who make them in order to update them. Go, Apple!

What new emojis do YOU think should be added to the group? Share below!