Kale and açai have been the superfood forerunners for years now, but it’s about time that the superfood smoothie gets a makeover. Upgrade your post-workout smoothies with these five new, amazing and nutrient-dense additions you’ve probably never heard of before. From an antioxidant berry to an immune-boosting powder, these five under-the-radar trendy superfoods are sure to take your smoothie to the next level.


Super Foods You Need to Know About

1. Moringa: Whether you choose the raw leafy greens or the greens powder, your next smoothie will be nurturing your body on the cellular level with an injection of A, B and C vitamins. It will come as no surprise that this dense, dark green superfood is also high in calcium, iron and magnesium. This Asian plant can also be steamed like greens such as spinach or kale, and is known widely for its use to fight malnutrition in babies and young children.

2. Jujube: This antioxidant-rich Chinese berry has a flavor profile like that of an apple more than a berry. When they’re dried, you can toss a few in the blender (as you would goji berries) for sweetness and stress-relieving properties. This berry has similar benefits to the almighty coconut: antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. When you are short on flax seeds, blend up a few of these in your next smoothie to get your bowels moving again.

3. Lucuma: The lucuma fruit hails from South America. While you can sometimes find the Chilean fruit’s frozen pulp in a specialty foods market, the powdered form is more readily available. Use it sparingly as a mild, all-natural sweetener that packs protein, beta-carotene (from its yellow-orange color), iron and calcium.

4. Forskolin: Forskolin is rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition and has been used for years to increase energy and enhance metabolism. Improved digestive health (who wants to be constipated?) is why you may choose this superfood daily. You will find the powder in capsule form, which you can add to your high-powered blender.

5. Jiogulan: Add this Chinese superfood powder to your smoothie for an improved immune system, a better memory and healthy heart functionality. As it is an adaptogen, it increases the body’s resistance to external environment stress, and couldn’t we all use a little help with that?

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