For many of us, 2018 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2019! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January and February for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

Unrealistic resolutions are so last year; every year we tell ourselves what we are going to stop or start doing, what we want to change, or how we’re gonna be our “best selves” in the coming year. Instead of depriving yourself or trying to change a major aspect of who you are, focus on the parts of your life that don’t get enough TLC. Spend this year in a state of total self-awareness with these anti-resolutions for every sign.


New Bod Goals: This year is all about chilling out and less about the errands you have to run. Leave the crazy workout routines and dieting in 2018 — you always push yourself to the edge, and it’s time to take a breather. Maybe mute your Fitbit notifications and spend more time binging shows in your free time. Because, treat yo’ self.


Planning All Social Events: You’re known for taking the reins in most situations, but go ahead and pass the spirit stick to someone else. When’s the last time you actually enjoyed an event? It’s hard to when you’re on the planning committee. Sit back, sip your cosmo, and actually enjoy the parties this year.


Any Resolution: You’re curious about everything and move from one thing to the next faster than any other sign, so there’s no point in setting resolutions you can’t meet. Instead of trying to journal more or go out less, allow yourself to be comfortable with going with the flow and explore your curiosities.


Hobbies: Every year, you try to pick a new hobby and stick to it, something that will excite your social side. This year, spend more time getting to know what makes you happy. If knitting is your thing, don’t just put down the needles and go to a party; challenge yourself to stay home and finish that scarf you promised your friend you’d make her two years ago.


People Pleasing: You’re generous and warm-hearted, which makes you want to check on everyone else before yourself. If you do choose the more self-centered route, you often feel the need to overcompensate afterward by taking everyone else out for a good time as an apology. It’s all about you this year. Focus on what you want, and don’t be afraid to say no to a party or baby shower.


Self-Care: How many years in a row have you told yourself you will spend more time being self-indulgent, whether that means going to sleep early, taking spa days, or unplugging for 24 hours? You’re a hard worker and if your joy comes from your all-work-and-no-play attitude, then keep reaching for your goals before you reach for a throw blanket. Don’t go against the grain of your routine if it doesn’t feel natural. You’ve made it this far, haven’t you?


Conformity: Libras are known for their social and cooperative nature; let that lead you into the new year, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing your needs. People are quick to call you difficult for your inability to let go of things at times, but don’t let your strong-willed energy define you. Make a point this year to not conform to what anybody else wants of you. If they want to go left, but you know going right might be the faster route, tell them you’ll meet them there.


Relax: People are always telling you to “chill out” — your intense passion is too much for most — but you have your head on straight and are always moving forward and achieving your goals. So why stop now? Relaxing is for the weak, amirite? You’re one of the most resourceful signs, and your ambition allows you to always make it work. People who want you to relax are most likely intimidated by your “get it done” attitude. Stay true to yourself this year.


Strict Deadlines: Sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Instead of setting deadlines that will cause unnecessary stress, spend 2019 doing your best. Don’t be afraid to tell people you can’t do everything you may have said you could. You put your all into everything you do, so put your best foot forward instead of in your mouth by trying to explain why you couldn’t do something. Focus on showcasing what you achieved.


Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Everyone wants you to try new things, and you’re not sure why they’re so concerned with what you’re up to. You’re responsible and the master of self-control, so continue doing things the way you like to get them done. It’s time to be the manager of your own life this year. If you want to go skydiving, do it, but make sure it’s your decision and not someone else’s.


Be “Cool”: You are unapologetically yourself in all situations. Whether you’re dancing to the beat of your own drum at a party or voicing your opinion in a meeting, you’re independent and original through and through. People might tell you to take a chill pill, take a shot, or take a nap — everyone has an opinion on how to calm down your you-ness. Dedicate time this year to letting your true self shine and not saying sorry if people think it’s weird.


Emotional Leniency: Sometimes you have a tendency to think with your heart before your head, and this isn’t a bad thing! You feel a lot all the time, and sometimes you feel that you listen to other people before they listen to you. If you feel like you’re not being heard, don’t look to lessen your emotional expression: Speak up and make sure you are heard. Get ready for 2019 by feeling all of your emotions from start to finish (it can be hard, but trust us, it’s necessary).

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