If you’re still cooling off from cranking up the oven one too many times during the holidays, we’re here with some sweet desserts that don’t require pre-heating anything but your appetite. Brit + Co. has introduced you to a countless assortment of no-bake treats, and now we’ve gathered up 16 winter-inspired no-bake desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and get you through the next cold spell.

1. Coconut Pecan Praline Cookies: These coconut beauties almost look too incredible to eat, heavy emphasis on the almost. One whiff of this concoction, and we’re diving in. (via Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen)

2. Amaretto Snowballs: Nothing says “winter treat” like a snowball. These gems are bite sized, so you don’t have to feel too guilty about not quite sticking to those 2014 resolutions. Plus, they’re vegan and gluten-free which guarantees you can share with all of your pals. (via Pure Ella)

3. Peanut Butter Cornflake Bars: Anything involving peanut butter, and we’re totally game. These bars are taking us back to the old-school bake sales of our youth. Want to join us? Pull out the PB and cornflakes and make a batch for all your BFFs… or just yourself. (via Bake Your Day)

4. Raw Caramel Apple Pie: This stunner just takes no-bake to a whole new level. Impress your friends with this raw treat without even breaking a sweat. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

5. Spiked Chocolate Mousse Parfait: What’s winter without a little spiked dessert? These tiny parfaits combine whiskey with chocolate, and we’re totally cool with that. Also… you likely have a Super Bowl party coming up? You should invite these along. (via Beyond Frosting)

6. Rum Balls: A winter no-bake roundup wouldn’t be complete without rum balls. These treats are as delectable as they are dangerous. Nibble responsibly. (via The Cookbook)

7. Malted Milk Fudge: When we first laid eyes on this yummy fudge recipe, it looked too good to be true. Fudge that doesn’t require a junior chemistry set? Yes, please! (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)

8. Peppermint Patty Bars: These peppermint delights bring the cool of winter right to your taste buds, and we’re going for extra credit by adding fresh mint into our batch. (via Oh She Glows)

9. Orange Cream Tartlets with Mixed Berries: These pretty little tartlets bring extra sophistication to the no-bake party. We suggest piling up your favorite seasonal berries on top and devouring immediately. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

10. Snickers Pie: Something about a Snickers Pie just screams slumber party. So, put on your best PJs and try to not go into a sugar coma as you and your pals enjoy this super sweet treat. If a game of Truth Or Dare leads to you consuming the entire thing, it wouldn’t be all that bad. (via Bakerita)

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bites: Chocolate? And peanut butter? And coconut?! Oh yeah. This trio is simple and dangerously delicious. (via Barefeet In The Kitchen)

12. Raw Salted Caramel Banana Cream Pie Jars: We love things in jars here at Brit + Co. So of course we had to add this beauty to our lineup. Not only does the marriage of salted caramel and banana cream sound amazing, but we think these darlings are pretty enough to pass out as gifts. (via Oh, Ladycakes)

13. Cinnamon Pecan Truffles: These truffles are sweet and simple. Enjoy noshing on a few of these while watching (or wishing for) a beautiful winter snowfall. (via A Dash of Compassion)

14. Chocolate Cake: With only seven ingredients, this no-bake chocolate cake couldn’t be simpler. Slice, serve, and savor the decadence. (via 101 Cookbooks)

15. Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Bites: Did we mention that we like peanut butter? Well, these bites bring peanut butter and chocolate into a blissful union. Then they amp it up with flaxseed and chia seeds, so you can feel pretty good about downing a few. Also… they’re adorable.(via How Sweet It Is)

16. Bourbon Balls: And finally, our most recent sweet creation here at Brit HQ, Bourbon Balls! Guess what we made the colorful crumb topping out of? Fruity Pebbles! #winning (via Brit + Co.)

What’s your favorite no-bake winter treat? Share your recipes with us in the comments!