A trip to Walgreens is rarely complete without a stroll down the beauty aisle. With wallet-friendly hits like Baby Lips balm and Sally Hansen nail care lining the shelves, not to mention the selection of makeup kit basics, the drugstore is already a mainstay for girls on a beauty budget (plus, buying a bag of cotton balls and nail polish remover without adding on a flashy bottle of lacquer just doesn’t feel right). But after the recent launch of Nonie Creme Colour Prevails, a Walgreens-exclusive cosmetics line, it’s poised to become the next big beauty mecca.


As the name suggests, Colour Prevails is all about those pigments — and proving that price doesn’t always dictate the quality of the product. Created by former Butter London creative director Nonie Creme, the hues across the line, which ranges from face to nails, are just as rich and alluring as you’d expect from someone with that pedigree. Think: ombre-effect mascaras, watercolor-inspired eyeshadow palettes, saturated lipsticks and (of course) an array of custom-mixed nail lacquers in ready-for-spring shades — and all for less than $20 a pop.


But Colour Prevails isn’t a one-trick pony. There’s so much more to love about the line, from the five-free nail formulas (made without harmful chemicals) to the unique ergonomically designed butterfly wing packaging to the versatility built into each product. Perfect for girl-on-the-go, most pieces are multi-purpose and meant to be mixed, layered and customized. In the brand’s own words, they’re “meant to evolve with you,” whether you’re figuring out your everyday look at a 101 level or turned trendsetting pro. “I’ve been a hippy and a punk; a goth, a raver and fashionista. If there’s a look out there, it’s likely I’ve rocked it,” Nonie writes on Colour Prevails’ website. “Vanity? Nah, it’s a life-long obsession with self-expression, and I’m not done yet — none of us are. There are no mistakes, only experiments.” We don’t know about you, but it’s leaving us seriously inspired to spread our wings.

Do you have a go-to drugstore beauty brand, or a I-can’t-believe-this-exists bargain product you can’t live without? Tell us in the comments below.