It’s time to get your registry going! You’re all about signing up for a ton of adorable little onesies, baby socks, a pacifier or two, and a car seat. But that’s not all you should add to your must-haves list. You’ve got the basics covered, so why not add a few non-traditional items to your baby registry. Hey, you’re not a traditional woman, and you’re not about to be a traditional mom. Read on for what you might have missed, and what you need to add to your registry right now!

1. Gift Cards: It’s not exactly pink, blue, or covered in little duckies. Sure, a gift card may seem kind of generic, but it’s a lifesaver — because babies cost a lot, like a lot. There are so many things you’re sure to forget to add to your registry. (Hey, you’ve got a lot on your mind!) Gift hards will help you pay for all the extras. Oh, and then there are the things you want to pick out on your own and not add to your registry. Gift cards can come in handy here too.

2. Diaper Service: You’ve made the decision to go with cloth diapers, and you’re not sure what you’re getting into… there’s an awful lot of washing that has to happen, and you’d rather spend your time with your newborn than laundry appliances. Along with registering for the diapers themselves, you can tell your BFFs that you would rather have people chip in at least for some of the cleaning and delivery services than getting you another crib mattress pad.

3. Stuff for You: The baby is getting everything, literally. Some of your friends and family members want to shower YOU with gifts too. They know you have plenty for the baby and are wanting to give you something you really need. Scratch that. Something you really want. That’s where registering for “gifts for Mom” comes into play. Maybe it’s a wine of the month club. Maybe it’s some non-maternity wear. Or maybe it’s a night out at a restaurant that doesn’t serve dinner with a paper maze menu and a plastic packet of crayons. Whatever it is, it’s all for you, Mama.

4. Mini Fridge: Your aim was to breastfeed only, but life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to. And there’s a possibility that you might have to bottle-feed. Fast forward six months, now you’re a new mom and you’re making those bottles… in the kitchen… which is downstairs… at 3am. It’s fair to say that you won’t want to run up and down the stairs to get those bottles. A few years from now, you also won’t want to do the same stair-stepping marathon to get sippy cups filled with juice. A mini fridge in your bedroom will make nights so much easier.

5. Safe Cleaning Supplies: Now that a little one is coming to live in your home, you don’t want to clean your surfaces with harsh chemicals. You’re all about organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners right now, but you don’t want to buy an entire new stock of supplies. Go ahead and register for them. Pick out bathroom and kitchen sprays, tile cleansers, floor solutions, and anything else you’ll need to keep your home at least somewhat tidy.

6. Cleaning Service: You might want to consider a cleaning service, since it’s not exactly like you’ll have plenty of time at the end of the day to keep your home spotless. Before the laundry starts piling up and the dust bunnies give birth to baby dust bunnies, add a cleaning service to your list. This doesn’t mean that you’re expecting a friend to pay for an expensive never-ending service. Instead, opt for a one-day-a-week service to come to your home and straighten things out.

7. Handmade Anything: Take a tour around Etsy and pick out handmade one-of-a-kind items. Don’t see anything you like? That’s okay. Maybe some of your craftier friends are willing to DIY something for your new baby. Let your gift-givers know that you *love* those nifty hand-sewn quilts, crocheted caps, and everything else that comes from the heart — and the hands!

8. College Fund: Eighteen years will go by in a flash. Seriously. By the time you start paying off that loan you took out to get your little one in the best preschool possible, you’ll be ready to pay for college. Instead of asking for another hooded towel set, ask your friends and family to donate to your baby’s future — her educational future, that is.

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