Onesies, receiving blankets, a reversible, ergonomic, convertible, rear-facing car seat. Yep, these are things that you need to register for. And then there are all of the bathing, feeding and sleeping products that the books, blogs, magazines and moms say that you absolutely, positively must have. Is your registry growing faster than your baby bump? It’s okay. You can totally calm down now. While there are some “essentials,” check out what baby gear really isn’t worth adding to your ballooning list.

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1. A Warmer for Wipes: Does your baby need wipes? Yes! Does your baby need tropically warm wipes? Um, not really. Unless the wind chill is dipping down below zero and you’ve left the wipes sitting on an uninsulated window ledge, it’s not likely that they will ever be cold enough to truly disturb your baby. Along with the idea that a wipe warmer is an extravagance that your little one really doesn’t need, this not-so-essential item might just do its job too well. Overly warm wipes can quickly dry out, making them completely useless.

2. Dozens of Diapers: Your newborn could go through 10 to 12 diapers in a day. So it seems like you should probably register for crates of teeny tiny size 0s, right? Hold up. Your baby may not fit in a size 0 or she may not fit in the smallest size for long enough to go through even one pack, much less the 33 packages of diapers that Aunt Ethel bought for you. The same goes for the size 1s. Instead of guestimating how big of a baby you’ll have at birth, hold off on over-diapering your registry right now.

3. The Next Size Up: You’re pretty set when it comes to newborn and 3-6-months sizes of clothes, so you decide to register for the next sizes up. Now you have a full year’s worth of baby clothes. That is, until your little bundle gains pounds and inches at a crazy-fast rate and bests the top percentiles on the growth curve. Now you’re stuck with a closet of clothes that your baby probably won’t ever wear or boxes of sleepers that you can’t even find.

4. A Cute Comforter: That fluffy, cuddly crib comforter is a total no-go. It may complete your nursery decor, but it’s not safe when it comes to your baby’s sleeping. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends keeping any soft object (including loose bedding) out of baby’s crib in order to reduce the risk of sleep-related deaths such as SIDS.

5. Bumper Pads: Again, the AAP says that these are a no-no when it comes to your baby’s sleep safety. Also, there’s no real evidence showing that bumper pads do anything to keep your baby from hurting herself on the crib rails. On top of that, bumpers pose a strangulation or suffocation risk.

6. A Fancy Changing Pad: The packaging says that this pad is I-T. It’s got just the right softness, just the right firmness and is sure to make diaper changing a breeze. Seriously? Your baby doesn’t need a pricey pad that three engineers, four stylists and 12 ergonomic experts created. Really, a folded bath towel will do.

7. Anything that Promises to Make Your Baby Smarter: It plays a steady stream of Mozart and features Monets that flash in front of your baby’s eyes. And no — it will not get your child into Harvard. While you do need things to keep your little one clean, dressed and filled with food, you don’t need a treasure trove of infant edutainment options right now.

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