You’re all about surprises, and your baby’s sex may be the biggest one of all. Even though you couldn’t be more excited for the big reveal, your friends are a bit, well, confused. Your baby shower is coming up and they have no clue if they should buy the blue or the pink. Creating a registry when you don’t know (or want to share) your baby’s sex means making it 100-percent gender neutral. If you’re not sure what to include, check out these tips for keeping your registry free of both “little slugger” and “pretty princess” gear.


1. Pick a color. So, what exactly is a gender-neutral color? You’re picking out onesies and receiving blankets, but you don’t want anything that screams girl or boy. Decide what a gender-neutral color is for you. You might think baby blue is perfectly fine for boys and girls. Or, you might want to stay away from anything that is traditionally associated with a boy or girl. This is your baby, your registry and your decision.

2. Match your design decor. You have no idea if there’s a Savannah or a Steven in your belly, but you’ve still gone ahead and picked out super stylish decor for the nursery. Maybe it’s an all-ivory theme, or maybe you’re going with brights and bolds. Pick registry items that match your design decision. This makes color coordination much easier, and it keeps all your gear looking like it’s a similar style.

3. Create a blank canvas. Considering you haven’t met that little person who’s still inside of you, knowing what he or she will be like is a pretty tough call. You don’t know if he’ll be sweet and subdued or she’ll be bubbly and over-the-top outrageous. Regardless of your baby’s sex, a blank canvas lets you add in accents that match his or her personality (after he or she is finally here). This means registering for the most neutral items possible (think whites, creams and ivories). Later on, you can add a baby blue hat to the white onesie or violet trim to a cream blanket.


4. Surround yourself with animals. Giraffes aren’t particularly masculine or feminine — neither are ducks, birds or puppies. Unless that cute zoo-themed sleeper has an elephant wearing an “I’m a girl!” t-shirt, an animal theme is a fairly safe bet. Your friends can give you baby clothes, bedding, nursery items and gear that features everything cute, cuddly, furry and feathered — just not gendered.

5. Be bright. Who says that baby clothes and decor have to follow a soft pastel color palette? If lilac, sandy yellow and mossy green don’t necessarily seem neutral to you, go bright. Pick out registry items that feature apple reds, sunshine yellows or grassy greens. Not only is a bold color scheme adorable on a baby, but it’s equally boy and girl friendly.

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