You know that New Year’s resolution to *actually* stay organized this year? Yeah, it’s time to put that goal into action. The best way to maintain desk organization is by picking up some notepads that are anything but boring. While you might have a few jotters on your desk, there’s nothing like starting fresh for the new year. Check out 13 of our favorite notepads to stay ultra organized in 2016.


1. Idlewild Co. Weekly Desk Pad ($12): Pick up this desk pad to keep at the office. It’ll keep you uber organized, so you’ll never forget what’s going on.


2. Rifle Paper Co. Color Block Notepad ($9): Write your list of to-dos on this adorable color block notepad and check them off one by one like the #girlboss you really are.


3. Rifle Paper Co. Modern Legal Pads ($19): Show your to-do list you mean business with a legal pad or some graph paper. This modernized take on a classic will help kick things up a notch.


4. Dear Hancock Paintbrush Notepad ($15): How fun is this paintbrush notepad? Turn your tasks into works of art with this fun design.


5. You’re Cute Sticky Notes ($5): Add this notepad to your desk for a daily reminder that you’ve got it going on. It’ll brighten your work day and you’ll always be prepared to pass your number off to a cutie.


6. Moglea Pink Tapestry Jotter ($16): Choosing just *one* notepad is basically the most difficult task ever. Lucky for you, this jotter has three different layers, so you get three notepads for the price of one.


7. Moglea Do Something Awesome Notepad ($16): Remind your awesome self to do something that’s totally you (aka “awesome”) in the new year with this notepad.


8. Paperchase Kraft Notepad ($6): If crazy colorful notepads aren’t your thing, pick up this kraft paper option. Bonus: It’ll totally help feed that kraft paper obsession.


9. Colorful Notes Memo Pad ($8): Boring black lines are *so* 2015. This one is sure to liven up your desk.


10. Get Shit Done Notepad ($11): After that (much-needed!) time off during the holiday season, it’s time to go back to work, and this pad will help kick things into high gear. Rank your list of to-dos to keep you more organized than ever.


11. Rifle Paper Co. Rápido Notepad ($8): This one is good to have on your desk if you’ve got so much to do and so little time. Rápido!


12. Happy Notes Notepad ($18): What’s better than a happy note? Basically nothing. These bright and shiny pads are must-haves for leaving your friends and loved ones little notes “just because.”


13. Poppin Weekly Task Pad ($6): The best part about this weekly task pad is that it’s small enough to fit right above your keyboard. Write your deadlines and reminders at the beginning of the week for stress-free days.

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