As soon as the ball drops and the confetti flies through the air of parties across the globe like an ubiquitous snow storm of glitter, the self evaluation begins and New Year resolutions are declared. As good as our resolve is to craft chic DIY New Year’s headwear and whip up party-perfect food Champagne pairings, sometimes we struggle to follow through with our more serious resolutions. This New Year, we’re bringing you 20 products that will make you want to keep some of the most frequently broken New Year’s resolutions.

1. Lose Weight + Get Fit

Getting healthy is on everyone’s mind today (champagne flutes in hand) but it’s also one of the most commonly broken ones after memories of midnight smooches begin to fade. Come on, we’ve all dealt with crowds at the gym in Jan only to be first in line for your fave treadmill come Feb. Arm yourself with the goods to keep those resolutions.

Heart bkr Bottle

1. Heart bkr Bottle ($35): Start by bringing this water bottle with you to the gym. You’ll feel so sorry about abandoning it when your muscles get sore that you’ll keep up that new fitness regimen.

Cloud Leggings

2. Cloud Leggings ($58): You’ll float through that hot yoga class in no time when you don these comfy and cool cloud leggings.

Everyday I'm Hustlin

3. Hustlin’ Tote Bag ($24): Consider a dedicated gym bag as the ultimate hack towards keeping up that resolution. Even if its only purpose is for lugging your yoga mat, you’ll be inclined to use it. Load this tote with extra hair ties, a spare pair of socks, your running shoes and a little body spray for post-gym refreshes.

Fifty Shades of Kale

4. Fifty Shades of Kale ($20): Staying active is only half the battle. Give yourself some healthy eating inspo with this collection of veg-heavy recipes.

2. Learn Something New

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I wish I could learn Karate,” during your morning commute or, “I bet I could sew my own clothes if I really tried,” while trying on clothes that are way out of your price range? Incorporating a new hobby is a popular resolution, probably because learning new skills helps people improve their lives in a meaningful way. We might not have a class for an instant black belt and the self esteem that surely accompanies it, but we can help with other fulfilling lifestyle changes.

Sewing Online Class

5. Sewing Online Class ($19): Breakout that old sewing machine that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet, because, hell yes, you can make that trendy skirt or embellished tee.

Illustration Class

6. Illustration With Watercolor Online Class ($19): That feeling that there just isn’t enough time in the day is a major factor in breaking self-improvement promises, but artistic endeavors can actually help you work through that stress. Break away from that catch-22 by learning the ins and outs of watercolors.

Coding Class

7. Coding Online Class ($39): Your new after-work, pre-happy-hour squeeze doesn’t have to seem frivolous. Teach yourself a marketable skill by learning to code in 2016. You can also tackle that secondary “get a new job” resolution at the same time.

3. Travel to New Places

Oh, the places you’ll go! Whether it’s a destination on the opposite side of the globe or a day trip to the next town over, stay inspired with these travel goodies.

Compass Wall Decal

8. Compass Wall Decal ($36): Visualize your goal with this directional reminder. Even if your next destination is a new coffee shop on the other side of town, you’ll find it hard not to visit someplace new.

Hand-Painted Sketch Book

9. Hand-Painted Sket1chbook ($26): You’ll definitely want to give this pretty notebook some love. Sketch out the views from the top of the Alps and on the edge of the Grand Canyon or, if drawing isn’t your thing, write a description of the tastiest morsels you nosh on in each place you visit.

Magnetic Photo Ropes

10. Magnetic Photo Rope ($12): Hang up one of these magnetic photo displays and make it your goal to fill it up with the best shots from your travels by the end of 2016.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

11. Travel Jewelry Organizer ($39): You’ll kick yourself if you don’t put this clever notebook-style jewelry box to good use, so pop it into a tote, backpack or suitcase and get on the go.

4. Be Less Stressed

Easier said than done, right? Start with two or three deep breaths, open your eyes and get ready for a little R&R.

Aroma Therapy

12. Aroma Therapy Set ($18 per scent): Your sense of smell is kind of a huge deal when it comes to subtly effecting your mood. Pick up stress relief, relax, breathe scents and roll them on instead of reaching for a brown paper bag to hyperventilate into.


13. Shit Shirt ($24): They say that laughter is the best medicine, so if every moment feels like an “Oh shit” one, remind yourself to take it all a little less seriously with this LOL-worthy tee.

Disco Earbuds

14. Disco Earbuds ($16): If the hustle and bustle of your day to day and construction next door interrupt your only moments to relax, block ’em out with your favorite tunes.

Vantigo Print

15. Vantigo Print ($30): Even if your window faces a wall, you can still wake up with a happy little view every morning. Hang up this adorable Golden Gate Bridge print somewhere prominent, and be sure to cross as many metaphorical bridges as possible this year.

5. Make + Save More Money

A vice is a vice, but some are worse than others. Financial resolutions are some of the easiest to make and break (especially after all that holiday spending). If you’re trying to kick bad habits to the curb, try rewarding yourself with these goodies.


16. Stash Drawstring Bag ($19): Turn old, rarely worn clothes into cash at the start of each season this year. This canvas bag can be a potential gold mine when you consign all of those lightly worn items.

Pastel Cutting Board

17. Pastel Cutting Board + Utensils ($45): Eating out can be a major cash trap, so commit to making more meals at home. You’ll see a marked reduction in your weekly spending when you use this adorable kitchen set.

Gold Bar Necklace

18. DIY Gold Bar Necklace Kit ($19): Curb your accessories spending budget by crafting pieces at home. Your creations will be extra unique, unlike those baubles that everyone else is wearing.

Cold Brew Coffee

19. Cold Brew Coffee Kit ($32): Think about how much you could save if your main source of caffeine doesn’t include inflated prices for your name spelled wrong on a branded cup. When you brew your own coffee at home, you’ll be amazed at the extra cash you’ll find in your pockets.

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