Wearables that we would actually wear have been few and far between. While there’s some really interesting stuff happening in this space, it’s also saturated with clunky, plastic stuff that looks techie. We’re outrageously excited about the few wearables that do consider fashion in their designs (Ringly and Intel’s partnership with Opening Ceremony). Olive is a new kind of wearable that helps you conquer stress, starting with the fact that you won’t have to stress about looking good while you’re wearing it.

We posted the other day about how sitting is probably killing us all (along with a gadget that might help!). Stress is terrifyingly harmful, too, so Olive has set out to do something about it. They’ve created a stylish bracelet and app that analyzes your bio patterns, helps you identify triggers and empowers you to get a grip on your stress with suggested balancing exercises.

Based on heart rate changes, skin reactions and temperature, Olive sees when you’re physically stressed. It also analyzes your habits like physical activity, sleep quality and sun exposure to identify patterns and communicates with your smartphone to gather lifestyle data from your probably-too-packed calendar and location. Once it understands you, Olive paints a complete picture of your stress and tailors suggestions unique to you so that you can better manage it.

You can keep Olive in the background or actually interact with it. If you’re feeling particularly amazing, double tap and Olive will keep track of those moments and help you remember what led up to it. If you’re feeling particularly ARGH-y, just rub the textured surface like a genie’s lamp and Olive will make a note and launch a stress management exercise to help. It’s like sharing the peak and pit of your day with your bracelet instead of the Kardashian family.

If you’ve been wondering where to order this thing ever since we said the words “stylish,” wearable” and “chill out,” look no further than their Indiegogo campaign. You can learn more about the device and contribute $129 to claim your pre-order until November 9. This is one decision you shouldn’t be stressing over. Spend the money. Your life will be better because of it.

Don’t stress about it, but let us know what you think of this thing in the comments!