From Ellen’s hilarious antics like the epic selfie that broke Twitter to the heartfelt and touching speeches like that of the lovely Lupita Nyong’o, we’d say the Oscars were a huge success this year. Yes, we loved the actual show itself, but you guys know that half of the fun is watching the red carpet! Check out these 21 beautiful and sophisticated dresses inspired by our favorite looks of the night.

1. Revolve Lace Dress ($215): We thought Julia Roberts looked stunning in this beautiful black gown. Black lace can be quite formal, but the short length of the Revolve dress makes it a whole lot more versatile.

2. Lauren Ralph Lauren Gown ($156): This shade of blue is absolutely gorgeous. And those little beaded flaps on the side of the dress? Ah-mazing.

3. ASOS Hybrid Peplum Dress ($48): Red worked well for JLaw at the 2011 Oscars, and she rocked it again. We love that the peplum in this dress doesn’t go all the way around. It makes it unique!

4. J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Velvet ($150): Yes, this isn’t technically a dress, but how could we leave out our wonderful host?! Ellen’s velvet blazer has been buzzed about a ton. And don’t worry — ours comes in blue too!

5. Miss Selfridge Embellished Tier Maxi ($210): Best Actress Cate Blanchett looked super classy in her neutral-colored embellished dress. We think it’s great that the Miss Selfridge maxi added interest to the bottom with those tiers. Beautiful!

6. River Island Stepped Hem Dress ($72): We are always pleasantly surprised to see yellow gowns on Oscar Night. It doesn’t seem to be a favorite color of the stars, but it sure is one of ours. Leslie Mann chose an amazing light, almost lemony shade of yellow.

7. Jim Hjelm Occasions Chiffon Gown ($230): The simplicity of Cristin Milioti’s gown paired with her dark lips created such an elegant look overall. Wedding season’s coming up… wouldn’t this (in a different color, of course) make a great bridesmaids dress?

8. L’autre Chose Dress ($262): We’ve said it a million times before, and we’ll say it again. We love color! This beautiful jade dress that Viola Davis wore is making us green with envy.

9. Little Mistress Lace Broderie Dress ($38): You know what we discovered this year? Cutwork makes for a fabulous Oscars gown; Portia nailed it. The pop of color added to the Little Mistress dress makes it perfect for spring and summer.

10. TFNC Dress in Pleated Chiffon ($30): Sandra Bullock’s navy blue dress was one of our favorite color picks of the night. It’s just so elegant.

11. Dorothy Perkins Embellished Tunic ($39): How unique was this gown?! Angelina may have followed the color trend of the night, but she surely stood out with all that beautiful gold embellishment.

12. Dorothy Perkins Textured Dress ($35): When it comes to fashion, Lupita can do no wrong. Just in case you missed it, we even found 10 more dresses in this beautiful Duck Egg Blue for ya. You’re welcome.

13. Darling Bethany Dress ($72): We thought Emma Roberts’ dress was red hot, but let’s get to the important part — those shoes! They’re so rad. Even the model of our cute and casual version of the dress is wearing a similar pair.

14. Whistles Jersey Dress ($132): Camila Alves was such a vision in this gorgeous pale pink gown that we just had to go out and find our own version. We like the two-piece illusion of the jersey dress.

15. Hazel Shimmer Ponte Dress ($40): Remember how we said Lupita could do no wrong in the fashion world? The same goes for Emma. We are huge fans of all that glitters and shines, and both of these dresses are no exception!

16. Glamorous High Neck Dress ($34): At seven months, Olivia Wilde has mastered maternity style like no other. Our high-neck look is inspired by her simple gown and has awesome cutouts towards the bottom.

17. Lipsy Satin Beaded Dress ($151): Naomi Watts’ look was one of our favorites of the night. It’s amazing how beautifully her white gown paired with that awesome geometric necklace (DIY inspiration!). Look closely at our Lipsy version… it has beaded sleeves!

18. Sam +  Lavi Mellie Dress ($188): Zooey Deschanel is a pro at mixing whimsical, modern and vintage looks. This polka-dotted floral gown that she wore to the Vanity Fair party is simply stunning.

19. Religion Fringed Sleeveless Dress ($149): Jennifer Garner’s gown was the bee’s knees. We thought it was awesome how flapper-inspired it was, so we found our own fringed beauty.

20. ASOS Batwing Pleated Cape Dress ($104): Caped sleeves seem to be a recurring trend nowadays, and they were a great addition to Kate Hudson’s look. Our beautiful grey pick has slightly smaller sleeves, to make the dress a bit more manageable.

21. Ann Taylor Lace Peplum Dress ($175): Last but not least, we loved Mindy Kaling’s custom gown for the Vanity Fair party. As we shared earlier, we are huge peplum fans!

Which Oscar-night look was your fave? Tell us all about it in the comments below!