Make This Star-Studded Cocktail for Your Oscars Party
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Make This Star-Studded Cocktail for Your Oscars Party

Whether you’re tuning in for the pre-awards-show discussions or just for the main event, your Oscar party deserves to be as dazzling as those red carpet numbers. Cue some sparkly DIY Walk-of-Fame Cocktail Stirrers that allow your guests to be the stars of the show and a recipe for a bright and beautiful Blood Orange Salty Dog. With entertaining pieces this fab, soon you’ll have to figure out how you’d like to thank the academy of party planning.

Walk-of-Fame Cocktail Stirrers


— pink glitter scrapbook paper

— gold glitter alphabet stickers

— gold rhinestone stickers

— party straws


— pencil

— scissors

— glue gun


1. Draw a star on the back of the pink glitter paper.

2. Cut out the star.

3. Trace another star and cut it out as well. You’ll eventually put both of these stars to one straw, so both sides of the stirrer will be pink and sparkly.

4. Take the capital letters from your stickers and place them on the star.

5. Add a rhinestone below the name.

6. Hot glue the white side of each star to your straw.

These stirrers are simple and quick to make.

Not only do they resemble the stars that line Hollywood Boulevard, but they help your guests keep track of which drank is theirs!

And you’re done! Now for those cocktails…

Blood Orange Salty Dogs

Ingredients: (makes 3 cocktails)

— 16 blood oranges

— 6 shots of vodka

— rock salt


— juicer

— cutting board

— pitcher


1. Cut your blood oranges in half, setting one wheel aside for rimming your glasses.

2. Juice each blood orange.

3. Pour your blood orange juice into a pitcher.

4. Add vodka.

5. Take your glasses and rub the rim with a blood orange slice.

6. Turn the glasses over and gently knead them into a plate of salt until the rim is fully covered.

7. Fill your glass with ice, pour the cocktail into your glass and tune into the main event!

Yes, juicing takes a while, but once you get a taste of that fresh flavor, you’ll realize that it’s totally worth it.

Subbing sour grapefruit for sweeter blood oranges, this drink adds a modern twist on the original Salty Dog.

The end result is salty, sweet and super fresh.

What else are you planning for your Oscar Party this year? Let us know in the comments below!