With the Oscars right around the corner, you’re probably well into planning a party for your Leo-loving friends. Make sure you have the necessities: every Oscar party needs popcorn (duh!) and a ballot of sorts to keep dibs on your favorite celebs, so we went ahead and got our brillz designer Annie to drum up two amazing printables for you to add into the mix. First, a classic popcorn bucket wrap, and then six unique Bingo cards that list the 2014 nominees so you can cross off their names titles as they win. Just don’t forget to provide a prize! Or maybe bragging rights are enough?

Popcorn Buckets

 printable template (you’ll need to get this printed because it’s too long for a standard printer)

paint bucket
– scissors

– double-sided tape


1. If desired, remove the bucket handle.

2. Print your template.

3. Cut out your template along the yellow line.

4. Add a piece of tape to each end of the printable. Then stick one end to the bucket, and wrap it around the other end so that it overlaps. Press it firmly.

5. Fill ‘er up with popcorn!

We sent our design to Kinko’s for printing since the size is too large for a desktop printer. If you want to print this at home, you’ll need to tile it. Once you have your print, cut it out along the yellow lines.

We recommend that you purchase the same paint bucket we used so that the printable will fit. The dimensions are important here, since the print might not fit a different container as well. The handle can easily be popped off of this bucket if you want a more classic popcorn tub look, but it’s not necessary to remove it.

Grab your double-sided tape and add some to each end of the printable (notice those Brit + Co. colors in the design?). Press one side to the bucket, wrap it around, and stick it to the other side. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles or folds in the paper. It will fit snugly and look adorable.

Fill your bucket with popcorn and enjoy! Check out our party popcorn recipe for fun ideas to spice up your kernels. YUM!

An Oscar-worthy printable, if we do say so ourselves. And yes, that is a Ken doll, spray painted gold as Oscar himself (weird tutorial NOT included!).

Oscar Bingo

 – printable bingo template (download here!)

– card stock

– scissors

– colorful pens


1. Print your Oscar bingo cards.

2. Cut along the dotted line.

3. Watch the big show and play the game!

It’s Bingo time! The rules of this game are just like regular Bingo, except that you’ll be following along with the Oscars to cross off your squares rather than waiting on someone to call out “B9!” Along with predictions written in each square—like celeb nominees and movie titles—we’ve got other fun possibilities like “winner cries” or “presenter has a wardrobe malfunction.” You know, all the usual Oscars drama. :) Our printable has six unique cards, so if you’ve got more than six people in attendance, they should team up. Cool?

Print the game at home on cardstock or another heavy paper. Then cut out each card along the dotted lines just like you did when you were a kid (except you should actually follow the lines this time!). Grab a few colored pens or Sharpies for your group, and then find a comfy seat on the couch.

Who do you think is gonna win?

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Oh and goooooo Jennifer Lawrence!

How are you prepping for your Oscars party? With special treats, party favors, or printables? Tell us in the comments below!