We’d like to thank the Academy for an excuse to throw a party around the TV. Oscars night is a time for gathering your pals, ogling your favorite stars, munching popcorn and rooting for the movies you’ve actually seen. This year, make the party the star of the show with these golden ideas to make, bake and buy for your party. And the award goes to…. the hostess!

1. Admission Ticket Invitation ($15): You better believe your VIP guests are going to need movie tickets to get into your invite-only red-carpet affair.

2. 24 Carat Champagne: Get the night started with some bubbly! These champagne cocktails get our celebrity treatment with edible gold stars. (via Brit + Co.)

3. Winning Wine Charms: Print these glitzy drink charms, then dole them out to the winners of categories such as Best Dressed, Didn’t See Any Of The Movies, and our favorite, Mrs. Clooney. (via HMH Designs)

4. Movie Marquee: Light the way to the main event with a movie marquee, made from Christmas lights and cardboard. (via Oh Happy Day)

5. Star Chair Decorations: Everyone will feel like a star while walking down your star-studded carpet and taking a seat in chairs draped with a gold foil star. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

6. Movie Reel Decorations: No need to reel it in on the decorations, Oscars night is all about glitz and glam. Grab a few recycled movie reels (or make one out of cardboard) and spray paint them in gold and glitter for instant party decorations. (via Giggles Galore)

7. Oscars Programs: For those not in the know, make it easier with a program listing all of the categories and nominees. Then wrap it up in an elegant black bow. (via One Charming Party)

8. Cast Your Vote: Hand out ballots before the awards begin and cast your votes. Bonus points to the hostess who gives a prize to the guest with the most accurate ballot! (via Studio DIY)

9. Oscars Bingo Night: Game on! Once the ballots are in, make the show even more entertaining with a round of Bingo, marking squares with possible performances, winners and speech faux pas. (via Brit + Co.)

10. Make a Popcorn Bar: Set up an ode to the ultimate movie snack: popcorn! Leave out buckets of popcorn, along with mix-ins and toppings like caramel sauce, Milk Duds and seasoning. (via Kristi Murphy)

11. Fabulous Popcorn Recipes: If you want to skip the bar, go ahead with ready-made popcorn batches in fun flavors like S’mores, Parmesan Garlic, and Sriracha, Lime and Sesame. (via Buzzfeed)

12. Popcorn Tub Labels: Print fun labels so everyone can watch with their own tub of munchies. Add your own touch by customizing each tub with a guest’s name. (via Brit + Co.)

13. Stock the Bar: Keep refills on hand and ready-to-go. Grab bottles of champagne at the liquor store, then keep them cool in an ice bucket. (via Erin Hearts Court)

14. DIY Oscars Statues: Turn Barbie’s boyfriend into an Oscar. To make Ken into a top-notch award, spray the bare doll in glossy gold. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

15. Golden Cocktail Stirrers: Top off their drinks with some sparkle. Golden tinsel cocktail stirrers and striped straws really bring the bar home. (via The Glitter Guide)

16. Gold-Dipped Mason Jars: Sleek jars double as centerpieces and containers. Paint mason jars gold and dip them in glitter, then use them on the bar to hold straws and stirrers, or as flower vases. (via How Sweet It Is)

17. Glittery Cake Pops: For an easy but stunning dessert, make some cake pops! Add gold sprinkles on top for some extra sparkle. (via Brit + Co.)

18. Nominee Napkins: Keep it clean with napkins disguised as ballot envelopes. You can make this design easily with clever folding, a paper napkin, party store gold medallions and some ribbon. (via Food Network)

19. Movie Candy Bar: As the night wears on, you’ll need a sugar kick. So set up a bar filled with your favorite movie time sweets. Layout boxes of candy bars and fill vases and bowls with treats like Snow Caps, Sour Patch Kids and Twizzlers. (via Fancy Pants Weddings)

20. Treat Bags: Make your candy grab bags over the top. Print out an Oscar statue stencil, then after tracing it onto parchment treat bags, fill it in with gold glitter. (via Studio DIY)

Which Oscar nom are you rooting for and how are you planning on celebrating their win? Cast your vote below!