If you are like the girls of Brit + Co, then you too have serious style envy for what the celebs at the Oscars are wearing. This year, as soon as stars Scarlett Johansson and Carmen Ejogo showed their beautiful faces on the red carpet, we knew we NEEDED a statement necklace like theirs in our jewelry box. Unlike celebs, we don’t have major dough to drop on wear-them-once pieces — but we do have a DIY budget! We made each of these necklaces for under $50, making them a great investment in creating an accessory for your next work party or art gala — or you can always save it next year if you are planning on an invite for the Oscars ;)

Scarlett Johansson’s Statement Necklace


Scarlet was a vision in forest green, but we decided to get ready for summer with an all-white masterpiece.


– lace

– beaded trim

– fringe

– necklace chain

– jump rings


– glue gun

– scissors

– jewelry pliers

– wire cutters


1. Cut a triangle shape out of your lace.

2. Measure the fringe based on the two sides of your triangle.

3. Cut your fringe and glue the top of the beaded fringe.

4. Attach the lace to the edge of the fringe using hot glue.

5. To get the triangle tip, place hot glue on the inside of the fringe and pinch together. Then hot glue the lace on top.

6. Cut the jewelry chain to your desired measurement and attach to the lace using a jump ring. Secure the jump ring, lace, and fringe together with hot glue.


Cut your piece of lace into a triangle shape. Try to follow the organic curves as best as you can.


Measure the beaded fringe along the two sides of your triangle.


Cut the fringe to the same length as the beaded fringe and then glue together using hot glue.


Attach the triangle piece of lace to the fringe using hot glue. For delicate sections of the lace, we suggest putting the hot glue on the back side and pressing it to the lace, instead of placing the hot glue on the fringe and attaching the lace. This will keep the hot glue from looking too messy.


To create the point of the triangle, apply the hot glue to the inside and pinch together. Next, glue down the tip of the lace to the tip of the fringe.


Trim the necklace chain to your desired length and attach to the lace with a jump ring. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the lace, trim and chain together.


Scar Jo’s cascading statement necklace in under 15 minutes.


What is even more amazing is that this necklace is ultra lightweight!


Scarlet, you’ve got a great sense of style.

Carmen Ejogo’s Statement Necklace


This Selma star rocked the red carpet with her glitz gown and unique statement necklace. We loved the simplicity of the choker with a modern bold twist.



– jewelry chain

– eye pins

– teardrop gem stones

– rhinestone chain

– sewable rhinestone chain


– wire cutters

– scissors

– hot glue gun


1. Cut the sewable rhinestone chain about one inch longer than your rhinestone chain.

2. Attach the jewelry chain to the rhinestone chain and then hot glue the second chain in place.

3. Glue teardrop gemstones to the eye pins. We used six small teardrops and three large teardrops.

4. Turn your necklace over and hot glue eye pins to the top and bottom sections of the chain. Glue a basic eye pin between every jeweled eye pin.

5. Trim the top of the eye pins with the wire cutter.


Cut your sewable rhinestone chain a tad bit longer than your first chain. This will allow the chain to drop down and give your necklace that top, middle, and bottom tier.


Cut your jewelry chain to your desired length and attach to your chained rhinestones. Hot glue the sewable rhinestone chain on top of the connection.


Glue eye pins on the backs of the teared gems. We created six using small teardrops and three using larger teardrops.


Ready to assemble!


Turn the necklace over and hot glue the eye pins to the back. Let the chains create their natural curve and use the eye pins to connect them together. Glue on basic eye pin between each jeweled eye pin.


Mimic the curve with your eye pins by gluing them at various heights.


Trim the tops of the eye pins with wire cutters.


Our take on Cameron Ejogo’s ’90s choker necklace.


Glitz and glam ready for the red carpet.


The ’90s are back, baby, and we are so so excited!

What were your favorite accessories from the Oscars? Any you would like to see us DIY? Let us know in the comments below!