Ladies, fancy shaving kits are no longer just for the boys. We’re about to show you a razor that will have any dude who shares your shower wanting to steal it right away. Oui Shave is a new line of ladies’ shaving products that is straight up elegant.


Firstly, say goodbye to your plastic disposable razor. Next, ditch the can of shaving cream. Oui is out to give you the best shave you’ve ever had with their heavy-duty, single blade metal razors and nourishing shave oils. In fact, they say it’s the last razor you’ll ever buy.


You can buy the 14K gold Carrie model ($75) or the chrome Samantha option ($60). It may be intimidating at first, but shaving with the double-edge safety is a cinch. Just make sure you move it at a 30-degree angle — don’t press too hard. Flip to a new side when you need to, rinse and repeat.


If you’re not already in love, this may take you over the edge: Oui Shave offers four subscription services. Depending on how often you shave, they’ll send you new shave oil and new blades without you having to do a thing. So not only will you not have to replace your razor ever again, but you won’t have to think about replacing the blades either!

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