Beauty and grooming products aren鈥檛 solely for the ladies anymore, thanks to the rise in dapper dudes and lumbersexuals. While discussing her new nail polish line in an interview with ELLE, Victoria Beckham proved that point when she revealed that she shares beauty products with her handsome husband David (who鈥檚 launching a lifestyle brand, BTW!). Naturally, our instinct was to find all the products you and your boo can share to cut down on bathroom space. We didn鈥檛 want to overwhelm you with all our findings, so below is our fave in each essential category. Now get your gender neutral body product shopping on.


1. Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant Sensitive Skin Formula ($16): This natural, odor control stick doesn鈥檛 have a heavy smell and has Vitamin E, which is perfect for nourishing the skin. Ideal for both men and women with sensitive skin and noses.

2. Lancer Body Nourish ($55): This is the brand Victoria Beckham name-dropped in her interview. The cream fights aging (and is clearly working for them), so we can see why they both love it so much.


3. LUSH Mask of Magnaminty ($13-$25): This multifunctional mask (it鈥檚 good for the back too!) provides a deep, exfoliating clean. Bonus perk, you鈥檒l both smell pepperminty fresh afterward.


4. Blind Barber Watermint Gin Shave Cream ($22): Is gin your favorite drink? Lather this cream on your legs (or his face) to prevent razor burn and irritation. Then pour two gin and tonics, because there鈥檚 not actually gin in this cream.


5. Le Labo Fleur D鈥橭range ($160): This Vitamin C-scented fragrance infused with florals and lemon will leave both partners feeling more sensual than usual. Alternate between who鈥檚 rocking this scent so there isn鈥檛 too much tension in the room ;)


6. Harvey Prince Hello Liquid Loofah ($22): This body wash needs no sponge, as the blend of extracts within do all the nourishing and refreshing work without one.


7. MALIN+GOETZ Lime Bar Soap ($10): Both guy and gal are going to be saying pass the soap once this cleansing bar enters the shower.


8. Floid AMBER After Shave ($45): Ladies need after shave too. Go ahead and treat those legs to this subtly scented treatment.


9. Supergoop! Fusion Lip Balm ($9): Make his lips just as kissable as yours with this SPF 30+ moisturizer, available in a莽ai and mint.


10. Alder New York Eucalyptus Natural Hair Powder ($30): Throw some of this powder into your palms, then rub it through your boy鈥檚 roots (you know they鈥檙e looking a little dry).


11. Royal Apothic D. Bag De-Puffing Eye Gel ($28): Sometimes caffeine just doesn鈥檛 do the trick for those bags under our eyes. Team up with your boo against the awful under eye darkness with this gel and you鈥檒l both be looking more radiant than ever before.


12. AYRES Midnight Tango Body Lotion ($24): We all get dry skin (and super cold) throughout the winter. So why not lather up and moisturize those dry areas while cuddling with your guy?


13. Davines OI / Shampoo ($12-$26): Give each other the gift of soft, shiny hair. It鈥檒l be easier to run your fingers through his on a regular basis.

14. Hanz de Fuko Natural Conditioner ($17): After cleaning your hair, make sure you keep its life and look with this calming conditioner.


What products do you share with your boo? Let us know in the comments.