As the weather gets warmer, we’re getting closer and closer to breaking out the sundresses and (gasp) swimsuits. Unless you live somewhere warm and tropical, this probably also means that you’re going to have to break out the shaving kit a little more frequently. And while we’re all hoping for silky smooth legs, too much shaving can result in spotted, knicked, scratched legs that look like you tried to shave with a stone knife. So treat yourself to a mini spa treatment and check out these 11 little tips and DIYs to help you get the best shave ever this summer with as few razor mishaps as possible.


1. Don’t Rush It: We know there is a lot of surface area to cover, but if you want to prevent those pesky little bumps that pop up after you shave, you’ve got to slow down. Take your time and thoroughly rinse off the razor before you start shaving the next section.


2. Never Use Soap: Even if you’ve run out of shaving cream, never resort to that bar of body soap. The bubbles and slippery residue don’t let the razor give a clean shave. If you’re really desperate, use conditioner instead of soap to give a nice smooth shave. (via PopSugar)


3. Exfoliate Before Shaving: Get rid of all that dead skin, dirt and oil before you start shaving to keep your razor sliding along as smoothly as possible. You could try dry brushing or whip up a delicious exfoliating scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes. (via Brit + Co)


4. Use a Sharp Blade: Yes, your razor costs are going to go up during the summer, but if it helps keep razor burn and bumps to a minimum, we think it’s worth it. Switch it out every three to four shaves for best results, and put olive oil on the blades to keep rust from building up in between showers. (via WikiHow)

Cellulite_3 copy

5. Natural Cellulite Remedy: Don’t let a few bumps deter you from wearing shorts (come on girls, we’ve all got it). While there’s no miracle treatment that will make them disappear overnight, you can smooth them out with this essential oil mix that moisturizes the skin and gets the blood circulating. (via Free People)


6. Prevent “Strawberry” Legs: “Strawberry” legs is when ingrown hairs and dirt become lodged in your pores, making your legs look like they have dark spots. To get rid of these spots, soak skin in warm water five minutes before you shave to open up the pores and get rid of any dirt. After shaving, make sure to rinse with cold water to close up the pores. (via


7. Pre-Shave Oil: The oils in this DIY shaving product help soothe and lubricate your skin, leaving you with enviably soft legs. Rub a small amount onto the area to be shaved before you get into the shower, let sit for a minute and then shave as usual — sans razor burn and scratches. (via One Good Thing)


8. DIY All-Natural Bronzing Oil: Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere sunny all the time, you might be starting the summer with very white legs. Skip the tanning bed and self-tanners and give this natural (and super easy) DIY a try instead. (via Blooming in Bedlam)


9. Stretch Mark and Cellulite Remedy: Coffee is what we count on for energy, but did you know that caffeine can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite? Whip up a batch of these little shower scrubs and keep them in the freezer for a refreshing exfoliation. (via Hello Natural)

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10. All-Natural Shaving Cream DIY: Lather up with this moisture-rich, all-natural shave foam that is great for sensitive skin. (via Free People)


11. Easy Aftershave: A dusting of baby powder over your newly shaved skin will help prevent irritation thanks to its natural cooling effect. Plus it can also prevent chafing when you’re rocking your sundress. (via DIYnCrafts)

How do you take care of your legs during the summer? What are some tips for a smoother shave? Talk to us in the comments!