Winter is here — and as usual, it’s bringing more than just holiday spirit. It’s also the season for patches of dry skin, flaky lips, and the occasional holiday stress-induced blemish: the classic symptoms of the skincare winter blues. Luckily, we’ve got ya covered with a solution to make navigating the harsh weather months a snap. The remedy? A clean skincare routine that welcomes a rosy glow year-round. That’s why we’ve partnered with Beautycounter, because they believe that beauty should be attainable and good for you, no matter the season.

Beautycounter’s safe and clean products have you covered when combating the cold season, and so do our B+C staffers. We’ve asked four of our favorite ladies to share the tools and practices that help them navigate the trials of the harsh weather. From luxurious must-haves to wrinkle-preventing advice, we’re dishing our best tips for keeping your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Brit: I’ve learned that the key is consistency! As someone who travels often, I love to stock up on mini sizes of all my favorite products to make sure I can stay regular in my routine, no matter where I am.For me, that means winter is all about exfoliation and the products that help me prioritize that. I exfoliate every other day to keep dry flakes at bay (yes, even my lips!). At night, I take off my makeup AND soften my skin at the same time using Beautycounter’s travel size Cleansing Balm . I especially love that this cleanser includes vitamin C for some radiance-boosting effects — yes, please! I finish my routine with a night serum just for a bonus punch of hydration while I’m sleeping.


Kara: When I was 18, my aunt told me, “Treat your skin like a plant; water and nurture it daily.” Those words changed the way I view skincare! Since then, I always pay close attention to the products I’m using on my sensitive skin. The more natural and lightweight, the better. Every morning I wake up, wash my face with warm water, and use my jade roller. Throughout the day, I stay refreshed and plump by keeping a facial mist at my desk. Who can pass up a little midday pick-me-up? It’s a total crowd-pleaser, and I typically end up sharing it with desk-mates, ha! The whole process makes me feel awakened and rejuvenated.


Anj: I’m a water baby through and through, and winter is no exception. For my skincare regimen in the colder months, the key for me is moisture, moisture, moisture! I use hydrating body lotion in the morning and right before bed to seal in hydration 24/7. When it comes to my face, I have combination skin, so I like to use a brightening facial oil first thing in the morning, then dab a bit of extra moisturizer onto drier areas like my cheeks and chin. And I have a thing for citrus skincare in winter — it makes me feel like summer is right around the corner :)


Annette: Maybe it’s just the Asian mom voice in my head talking, but I’m obsessed with keeping my skin well scrubbed and clean. There are few things more satisfying than how a good exfoliating makes my face and skin feel. That habit has come in handy as sun, weather, city, and stress take a toll. When my skin starts looking particularly dull, I love treating myself to a peel, a mask, and then a serum to give my face a boost back to life. Total winter blahs game changer!


Now you’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to dig yourself out of that winter rut before it even begins!

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Production: Kayla Haykin

Editors: Brit Morin, Anj Temple, Annette Caldwell, & Kara Schab