Trendy athletic-wear brand Outdoor Voices is all about encouraging others to stay in motion. In an effort to practice what they preach, the company recently relocated their headquarters from NYC to Austin, and the change couldn’t be more fitting. The energetic vibes of the southern city can be felt all over the open concept space. There are areas designated for creative collabs, cozy breakout groups, and even a basketball court out back to keep those creative juices flowing. Consider it one of the coolest workspaces around for staying inspired and active. Scroll down to get the full scoop.

The HQ is close to all sorts of local outdoor activities, like trail running, paddle boarding, and swimming in local favorite Barton Springs. And the team takes full advantage, evident from the bikes stored around the space. Architect Will Fox kept this in mind when he designed the office, pairing a neutral color palette and natural elements with pops of color. The final result feels sporty but chic, just like the brand.

With its colorful cushions and informal, inviting vibe, the custom-built lounge area is a team fave, perfect for group lunches and impromptu meetings. Toward the back of the room, Fox incorporated built-ins to hold products and samples. And with so many cute pieces on display, it’s easy to see how this group stays motivated.

The design area features an oversized table and gets loads of natural light from surrounding windows. Here, the latest product swatches and fabrics are prepped and planned for the season ahead. A neutral wall color lets those modern, still-to-be-imagined yoga pants and running tanks take the spotlight.

When it comes to downtime, the “Sand Dune” conference room (named after the national park in Colorado) is another well-used space. The cork wall is practical for creative brainstorming, while the tucked-away location makes it great for one-on-ones. And that comfy bench? It’s totally nap-approved. Which leaves us wondering — when can we start?

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(Photos via Outdoor Voices)